November 14th, 2009

Edgar Wright. Bong Joon Ho. BFI Southbank. Looking very serious.

November 14th, 2009

Saw ‘Mother’ the latest film by the genius that is Korean director Bong Joon Ho. You may also know him for his amazing riff on Toho that is ‘The Host’ and my favourite, the criminally unseen ‘Memories Of Murder’.

If you haven’t seen these great films, you must rectify this immediately.

  • Been out at sea for a week with no internet no communication with the out side world and ohhh how I’ve missed your blogs.

  • Been out at sea for a week with no internet no communication with the out side world and ohhh how I've missed your blogs.

  • Sarah5636

    The Host was a really cool film, haven't checked out Memories Of Murder yet, will add it to my LoveFilm list.

  • God I love The Host. Best movie monster ever, genuinely creepy and terrifying. But as usual with Korean cinema, an amazing mix of tragedy and comedy. That bit where the family all break down on the floor of the gym is pure pathos.

  • fairygodmoose

    The Host was a good movie. Try showing it to a roomful of skittish teenage girls while they're eating easily-spillable foods.

  • Cody S.

    Memories of Murder is without a doubt one of the best films about police and their work of all time, (ranking up there with HF 🙂 ) and a profoundly scary movie, as well! Incredible. The blackest of black humor on top of it all. I've always thought that it's incredibly easy for a director to STARTLE people, but it's very, very difficult to SCARE them. Cheers to both of you guys for that.

  • ColinJ

    Yes, MEMORIES OF MURDER is amazing.

    I guess a trademark of Bong's work is the sometimes jarring tonal shifts throughout his films. MEMORIES… had it and so did THE HOST; where suddenly an intense scene would become something like slapstick comedy. It definitely keeps you on edge.

  • Martin

    If I were in a position like Bong Joon Ho I would ask to see some Scott Pilgrim footage. Did Bong Joon Ho get to see some SP footage??

  • I agree “Barking Dogs Never Bite” is a great film too.
    Du-na Bae is amazing in this movie.
    She is great in her new fim 'Kûki ningyô(=Air Doll)'(2009).

  • Nice pic.
    I love 'Mother' too.
    ('Mother' is playing in Tokyo now).
    & I was extra in his segment in 'Tokyo!'.
    His directing was terrific!

  • AmberGrindstaff

    The Host is a great one!!

    I'll have to see Mother and Memories of Murder

  • cbz

    MOTHER was recently released on a Korean DVD with English subtitles - got it on yesasia for a reasonable price. All the better since it was never shown in cinemas around here…

  • Chris K.

    Memories of Murder and The Host are amazing.

  • dimitrije

    I always defined Bong as Korean Edgar Wright… Especially when I watched HOST. MOTHER and MEMORIES are excellent. I also loved his segment in TOKYO omnibus. Even BARKING DOGS is intriguing even if it was just an obvious warm up for Bong…

  • suspiriorum

    And if you can find it, “Barking Dogs Never Bite” is a great film too - although annoyingly it doesn't seem to have been released in the UK yet. Which is weird given how successful “The Host” was. Bong Joon Ho rules - can't wait to see “Mother”.

  • The Host is an amazing film, love the monster fx in it and warm funny human characters you can care about!!
    Watched ' I'm A Cyborg' by Park Chan-Wook on Film 4 last night another amazing Korean movie.
    Not seen 'Memories of Murder' but looked it up on Amazon and that one is going on my 'to buy' list thanks for the tip!

  • SarahAC

    I've been meaning to see The Host. I really must get around to that.
    Good photo by the way.

  • MarcusPowermouse

    1) I just hit up Love Film and put 'Memories of Murder' on high priority. After you suggested 'Thunderbolt and Lightfoot' and me loving it, I will trust you on this one too.

    2) What makes you think it was Muuuuuuurduuuuuur?