Retro Blog: NYC to PA… November 19th, 2007

Hello there, I wanted to rescue some of my old MySpace blogs and archive them here on my own site. Over the next few weeks I will retroactively chronicle a particularly colourful period exactly two years ago. This was originally posted on November 19th, 2007.

So, am here in Pennsylvania having spent a lovely, if cold day on the set of The Lovely Bones.

Heading for Roanoke, VA tomorrow.

Any suggestions of fun shit to do in Roanoke, be it cool bars, record shops, local eateries or people watching much appreciated.

Can’t wait to hit the road again.

My driving tunes for the day…

“My Neighbours Belgian Hardcore House” - The Bluetones
“Crunchy” - Blues Explosion
“Gunslinger” - Bo Diddley
“Standing In The Shadows Of Love” - Barry White.

It was a B day.

P.S. Please note that you cannot give me sightseeing suggestions for a past road trip. Unless you happen to know Rufus and have access to his phonebooth.

  • I don’t remember this one for some reason. Interesting!

  • I don't remember this one for some reason. Interesting!

  • Profpieface

    keep the retro blogs coming - nice to be able to see all these one I'd missed.

    have you noticed how three of Keanu Reeves films use a public phone booth in a pivotal way? Speed, The Matrix and Bill & Ted. Just an observation.

  • SarahAC

    Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

    Loving the trip down memory lane Edgar.

  • Hey Edgar, About a year ago you posted the trailer mash-up, There Will Be Fuzz, on your MySpace page and raved about it. I just wanted to tell you that the creator of that video is yours truly. Your endorsement of my silly fan video made my day, and I thank you dearly for it. Keep up the amazing work.

  • AmberGrindstaff

    that is a funny p.s.

    When i think of Bill and Ted's… I think of “San Dimas High School Football Rules!