Done In 60 Seconds Award | The Jameson Empire Awards 2010

I bring explosive news.

I am one of the judges of the most amusing “Done In 60 Seconds” competition for the 2010 Jameson Empire Awards.

I shall judging entries from around the globe with the EMPIRE team next year and presenting the award to the winner.

I saw some of these very amusing 60 second epics when I was last at the awards in 2008. That year the award was won by a minute long TITANIC. Which film will win next year?

Get filming you little herberts!

See below for some rambling tips by yours truly and details of how to enter.

I must preface this clip by saying that if it looks like I just rolled out of bed…well…

Edgar Wright’s guide on how to re-create a movie in 60 Seconds

The Finalists

Congratulations to this year’s winner Jerry Maguire by Stephen Power and Conal O’Meara.

Highly Commended

View videos of this year’s entries that didn’t quite make the final shortlist.

  • KIRA

    Loved the se7en one! it’s kind of mocking the whole thing but its HILARIOUS!

  • KIRA

    Loved the se7en one! it's kind of mocking the whole thing but its HILARIOUS!

  • Well I usually cant wait to board the plane but this time its a bummer because I have been enjoying these blogs. Ill have to finish up when I get to my destination.

  • Sarah5636

    Very cool. Your going to have a lot of fun judging this Ed. I enjoyed watching the entries from this year, looking forward to seeing next years.

  • Slick

    Well said, Sarah. And yes, you SO should try making one!! :0)

  • SarahAC

    Edgar, as Slick said, we only WISH we could look that good after just rolling out of bed!

    This is awesome. I'm seriously tempted to try and make one, even though I wouldn't have the faintest idea where to start.

  • steph

    Do you accept bribes? Espresso?

    Not that I'll need to bribe anyone as my entry will clearly be the best and win on merit alone 🙂

  • The American Psycho & Reservoir Dog ones made me laugh out loud, these are all awesome!

  • Slick

    Damn, I wish I looked that good just rolling out of bed. But then again, I don't look that good after a shower and some primping! x

    LOVE that WALL-E entry! Very clever.

  • Red

    I imagine that's going to be very difficult to judge! I think my favorites were The Dark Knight, The Fugitive and Forrest Gump.

  • Profpieface

    sounds like fun.

    if I had any money or technical know-how I'd love to do Royal Tenenbaums.
    and if I knew you you would have to stand in for the young Baumer.
    I really like the almost catchphrase of “It doesn't matter”

    one bit I dont get in that film - where he mutters “I'm going to kill myself tomorrow” and then does it there and then. v odd.

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Wall-E.. Awesome!

    A sleepy,lovely clip of you

  • I really like the American Psycho and Forrest Gump ones.