Responses to my tribute to Edward Woodward


Had an overwhelming response to my tribute to Edward Woodward that I wrote on Monday. It was very heartwarming to see that many of you felt the same way about him.

I’d like to include a couple of responses here.

This is from the director Joe Dante.

Very nice, Edgar. Reminded me about how I felt about John Carradine and Slim Pickens, especially the part about only hearing the stories just before a take.

And this is from director Peter Jackson, a fellow Woodward fan.

Fantastic actor. Huge loss. There will never be another Callan.

Well said Mr Wright.

RIP Edward Woodward.

Thank you to all your responses on this site that showed just what a beloved actor Edward was.

For those who haven’t seen it, I’d like to post a link to Simon’s shared memories of Edward from the Hot Fuzz shoot.

I’d also like to thank @samclements on Twitter who sent me this link to Alex Cox’s Moviedrome introduction that preceded my first viewing of ‘The Wicker Man’ on BBC 2 way back in 1988.

This takes me way back.

  • It was a very touching and written from the heart blog that gave me a clear picture of who he was and what he contributed to cinema.

  • Boo Hiss to the Times newspaper, very rum do that, nicking and butchering your tribute!!!!

  • dgriffith

    very touching tribute to Edward (the original Team Edward) but I laughed when I read at how the opening of the equalizer frightened you…because I remember watching that too when I was young and if I was alone I would run out of the room!!! It freaked me out, but I loved it and would tune in everytime, just needed someone to watch with haha…

  • Lovely tribute and a nice additional post. The Cox intro is great, he does them really good. A pitty such introductions vanished from TV.

  • SarahAC

    That's so lovely Edgar.
    Aaaaaand now I'm tearing up again.

  • Profpieface

    hear hear. I think its testament to the esteem and affection he's held in that there were so many comments.
    nice to see one from the real Nick Angel too.

    I had no idea his wife was Michelle Dotrice. Hope her and the family are bearing up.

  • fuzzylizzard

    A true icon has been lost. I appreciate reading your memories as they make me appreciate my memories of him as a child.

  • daran

    Blimey …thats a real memory jerker…excellent to see it again …