Retro Blog: Roanoke, VA to Asheville, NC. November 21st, 2007

Hello there, I wanted to rescue some of my old MySpace blogs and archive them here on my own site. Over the next few weeks I will retroactively chronicle a particularly colourful period exactly two years ago. This was originally posted on November 21st, 2007.

The Blue Ridge Parkway was something else.
I set off at 7am and given that yesterday was one where 30 million people were travelling, I picked the right day to take the scenic route.

In four hours or so, I saw a maximum of twenty other cars.

That said I did somehow have a close call when overtaking someone. Where did they come from?

I stopped occasionally to soak up the overlooks, but mainly was cruising along the beautiful mountain route.
With the first morning light blasting through the red and gold trees and Booka Shade’s DJ Kicks album being inappropriately electro for the location, I felt like I was in the original studio imposed ending of Blade Runner. Sadly, there was no Rachel by my side. Or any other pleasure model of skinjob for that matter.
Coming down the mountain into North Carolina, I was tempted to stop for Jumbo Boiled Peanuts at a Mountain Man Trading Post. But I pressed on, hopped up on Starbucks Espresso and got to Asheville.

Stocked up on more tunes in Downtown Asheville with my last two friends on the trip, the two supremely talented NC residents, Bryan Lee O’Malley and Hope Larson.

We then celebrated the eve of Thanksgiving in a very suitable fashion; by playing Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2. They were expert, I was not.

I need to brush up on my J Pop.

Am here one more day, then off to Nashville Friday, Memphis on Saturday then a mystery stop on the way to Oklahoma. Will it be Fort Smith, Little Rock or Hot Springs?

You can help me decide.

BTW - much kudos to Rev Sean Keller for his Foggy Mountain Breakdown tip. It kicked it at a very dynamic point on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Tunes for this part of the trip…

Man In Black - Cozy Powell
I Feel Free - Cream
How Does It Feel To Feel -The Creation
Off the Hook - CSS
Food And Pussy - Dan Redder
Alabama Song - David Bowie
Salsation - David Shire
Blood On Our Hands (Justice Remix) - Death From Above 1979
Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Flatt & Scruggs

P.S. Please note that you cannot give me sightseeing suggestions for a past road trip. Unless like you happen to be Scott Bakula.

  • Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2… I would have payed to see you play that.

  • Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2… I would have payed to see you play that.

  • SarahAC

    I'm really enjoying your daily time travel references. How long can you keep it up?

    Those are some beautiful photos by the way.

    What kind of Pilgrim chat was going on between you & B.L.O.M whilst playing Dance Dance Revolution?

  • SarahAC

    Stay tuned for tomorrow's exciting episode where you will find out that answer to that and many other burning questions! 😉

  • He is Canadian but moved to NC around two years ago, I believe.

  • Rachael Riddle

    Well which did you choose? Ft. Smith, Little Rock or Hot Springs?

  • AmberGrindstaff

    I've been to Asheville/Blue Ridge Parkway many times the past 2 years.. I always think.. “EW's been here!!”

    check out Biltmore Estates in the future

  • TheSpatalian

    Brian Lee O Malley lives in NC? I thought he rocked the Canada.

  • Jessica

    Very beautiful pictures.

  • Red

    For anyone who hasn't been, the Blue Ridge Parkway is truly beautiful. And nice Quantum Leap reference!