December 16th, 2009

December 16th, 2009

Am not the biggest fan of award season screeners, as I try and see as much as I can at the cinema. In fact I’ve seen all but three of the above on the big screen. But for the record, am not complaining.

  • Matthew Patton

    Avoid IT’S COMPLICATED-it’s a Nancy Meyers movie-which means it’s all about expensive throw pillows.

  • Matthew Patton

    Avoid IT'S COMPLICATED-it's a Nancy Meyers movie-which means it's all about expensive throw pillows.

  • Sarah5636

    I've seen 500 Days of Summer, Hurt Locker, Funny People & A Serious Man on the big screen. Did you get all these for free Ed, you are again very jammy. Looking forward to seeing Up In The Air when it finally comes out.

  • jessieleonard4

    Why the back of “The Lovely Bones?” Don't feel like you have to explain your art to me or anything, just curious.

  • Joel Vallie

    The only one I haven't seen on the big screen is a Serious Man and Hurt Locker. Not sure why I haven't seen Hurt Locker sense I Like some of Kathryns other movies. Near Dark topping the list.

  • SarahA

    Are you getting them because you are judging any of the awards, or do you get them because you're in the industry?

  • kimba2488

    500 Days of Summer is like one really long music video. Super good and fun to look at. And Up in the Air is just…simply put, your doppelganger's done it again. It's amazing.

  • Jules

    (500) Days is a definite Blu-Ray buy for me.
    Carey Mulligan did a Q&A after a screening of An Education in Melbourne and told us about working on Public Enemies. She was so excited that she got to do a hot scene with Johnny Depp and then realised later it had been cut from the film =D

  • Jules

    Damn you! Have to wait until the 14th of January for Up in the Air and the 18th of MARCH for The Hurt Locker.

  • Breanne

    I've seen all but 4 in the theater. But will probably catch 3 more before end of 2009. It's Complicated being the only one I'll skip.

    Ah, Movies. Heart.

  • yannick belzil

    I would love to have a Hurt Locker DVD right now.

    (also Its Complicated)

  • Nick

    WHAT?! You get to see It's Complicated before the rest of us?!

    Aww, shucks.

    (I actually have seen all of those but the Nancy Meyers white sweater extravaganza, and I'm not exactly interested in rectifying that. Do let us know how that Steve Martin gets high scene goes though, cost them a PG-13-zzzzzz)

  • cordeliaistheone

    I loved 500 Days of Summer!
    And I need to see Public Enemies for Carey Mulligan if nothing else
    Up In The Air, too definitely has my attention - Anna Kendrick is hilarious (and George Clooney too? - then Edgar twin directoring? I THINK SO!)

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Look forward seeing Jason Reitman's Up in the Air Clooney and Kendrick are Awesome

    Still haven't seen Lovely Bones,How was it?

  • twitchingmonkey

    I loved Funny People! Can't wait to see Aubrey Plaza in Scott Pilgrim :-)