Frame By Frame: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

When I make a film or TV show I like to cram it with as much detail as possible. For one thing, my favourite film RAISING ARIZONA took me a full five watches to spot all the minutia.

And I loved every discovery along the way.

You always hope that someone out there will take the time to spot all the details.

Well just over 24 hours after posting, the guys at Gamervision are all over it.

Wow. Thanks to Luke Brown for spotting all the TLC that’s gone into this already.

There’s more where that came from.

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  • So weird.

  • So weird.

  • So weird.

  • BrookeNR

    I just have to say how glad I am that you've written/directed this film. The dedication to the comic is absolutely amazing and as a huge fan of Scott Pilgrim I can't wait to see this. Thank you for every last little detail you included. Now this movie can destroy every other comic book movie in the galaxy.


  • dylan37

    This is great, I like the shot of wallce they show, I didn't notice that befor.
    Also I guess you guys are going more 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' when it comes to ramones hair instead of multiple styles.
    Also with also MAX FISCHER IS GIDEON!

  • ben hector

    OMG AWESOME SHOT AT 1:00 in edgar. so cool. flying through the air with that sword thing. congrats

  • That was an awesome job. We are all wowed by how much you spotted.

    But what is the Lucas Lee film called and to what does it refer?

  • Hey all, I just wanted to thank you for checking out the video, and to say that Nick and I are really glad everyone enjoyed it. We're super-stoked for the film, and can't wait to see more.

  • samboni

    i didn't notice the part with the coins, awesome!

  • Comeau

    WALLACE!!!!! 😀

  • SarahAC

    Good one!
    And it's probably best if I don't mention how many times I've already watched the trailer 😉

  • Sarah5636

    Brilliant. I did notice Ramona's head glowing at the end of the trailer on about the 3rd viewing.
    I hadn't noticed Knives, the coins or the Lucas Lee movie ad. This is alot easier to watch than pausing it on You Tube to try & catch everything. I watched Kick Ass last night which was very cool indeed, didn't get the SP trailer though, oh well maybe next time.

  • also notice in the scene where scott cuts that dude up, that young neil is playing with sex bob omb. The only comic spoiler in the clip. Young Neil gets in the band!! Finishing the characters arc!!

    Hear me. Drunk as a skunk, just saw thrush hermit.

    Brian Evinou

  • I spotted most of those but I'm not sure how I missed the Lucas Lee movie add. Great video. Things are getting exciting.

  • Coleslaw

    I hope somebody recreates the trailer with the original audio and scans from the book. Anyone?

  • Too much time on your hands bro. Just watch the movie and then make your own film. Comic book fans are funny.

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Wow! That was fun to watch ! 🙂

    Can't wait to see it all!

  • SierraDepp

    I can't wait, this movie looks so amazing! You, sir, are so very talented and the films you produce are extraordinary!!

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  • caspiancomic

    Rad, I've been waiting for something like this!

    Other things noticed: Lucas Lee's skateboard (or at least somebody's skateboard) is broken over a dood by Scott, Young Neil (in a suit?) appears to be playing with Sex Bob-omb when Scott cuts that dood into coins, when Roxy introduces herself to Scott there's snow on the ground, even though this happened in the summer in the books (maybe the story has been condensed into a few days or weeks, or this scene has just moved around?), and after the red question mark the attacks that knocks Scott's face into a load of shot glasses (ouch btw, nice touch) is a kick from Roxy.

    Oh goodness…. I think I might be a dork.

  • Red

    I love that! Saw so much stuff that I hadn't noticed at full speed.