😀 That was Great!!

  • Snowballreborn

    I just found out that Scott Pilgrim isn’t coming to my cinema in Prince George, BC. I’m about to crawl into a corner to cry 🙁 Few things have made me so depressed and angry.

    • Dav

      I know it SUCKS SO HARD! There’s not even a movie theatre showing it within an 8 hour drive

  • So “Swords”man is actually throwing Michael under the bus?

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  • Anonymous


  • yay! its awesome you guys are here.

  • Llbcomiskey

    Funny clip.

  • JP Franco

    This makes me wish there were more celebrity weather people.

  • Mocha_sugarbutt

    That was too funny. I enjoyed that very much.

  • haha, saw it before in your last tweet 😛 this is so random xD

  • Wills42

    Possibly the greatest and only smart thing Fox news has ever done!