Scott Pilgrim The Videogame is now out on XBLA

More info on the game and the Scott Pilgrim Avatar items here.

  • I really need to upgrade to gold..

  • Meimi132

    Was up at midnight on the 25th hoping & praying it’d be out then… to no avail, came out like 11-12 hours later, just as I was leaving to go out T-T My little brother got to play it before me… and those were my Microsoft points… grrr….

  • Ajtucker22

    Tomorrow night I get payed. Guess what ELSE happens tomorrow night. =D

  • Already bought it, I fell in love with this game! Reminds me of true classics like Golden Axe or Streets of Rage. <3 Played Scott Pilgrim for hours already, with my little brother - he loves it too.

    If you excuse me - gotta play some more. 😀 It even rocks in singleplayer-mode.

  • I added it to my download queue this morning. I’m an easy sell.

  • Anonymous

    fuck yeah. my friend has a Xbox, gonna give him a little present :3

  • Game’s awesome, some online play would have been nice though. The avatar item prices take the mick, but then that’s true of all avatar items without exception.