Scott Pilgrim Vs. Ultra Culture

This is very funny. But note to Charlie Lyons. It’s espresso, not tea. Look at the size of that cup, man!

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps he just thought you had freakishly large hands?

  • Anonymous

    Apparently those who complain turned out to be the minority.

  • Loved the movie. Offered the movie theatre 20 million for my tix so Scott could beat Eat Prey Love, but manager said they only take that much in cash and I hate ATM fees.

  • Lorna

    Why does everyone think that British people only drink tea? I mean, come on. Sometimes we drink Ribena instead.

  • Nick P

    Yeah, I’m hopeing it does well in the UK. I have no idea wtf is wrong with the US right now. Everyone complains abouts how there’s no original movies being released, and then Scott Pilgrim comes out and they decide to go see the Expendables or Vampires Suck instead. SIGH.

  • I had no idea how huge Edgar Wright is. He dwarfs that coffee cup. He’s what, eight feet tall, around 300 pounds?

  • Nathan Pak

    I want that Gideon Gordon Graves shirt! Saw the movie on Sunday with my friends. It exceeded my wildest expectations to say in the least.

  • AmberGrindstaff

    SP cast… funny as hell 😀

  • Edgar, you are a re-directory! Congrats! Scott Pilgrim is terrifically original, funny and sadly unappreciated in Americaville. Hope the UK makes up for their ignorance, I mean come one Vampires Suck got to number 2!