Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World in 60 Seconds X 4

Okay the title is a bit of a lie. Here are three 60 second ‘Scott Pilgrim’ and one 25 second versions.

I tried to adapt six Bryan Lee O’Malley books in 112 minutes. These following people tried to do it in 205 seconds. I take my hat off to them. Four times.

Enjoy! And look out for the one thing that my version didn’t have. Simon Pegg!

WE WON! Thanks to everyone for their support: I couldn’t have done it without you! Scott Pilgrim vs 60 Seconds is an official entry in the Virgin Radio Fake Film Festival contest. Inspired by Bryan Lee O’Malley’s amazing comic series and Edgar Wright’s wonderful film, this “speed run” tells the epic tale of love in only 60 seconds.

Directed by Kial Natale and Dylan Innes
Sound & Music by Aaron Kelsh and Dylan Innes
Scott - Chad Rimmel
Ramona - Jodii Grono
Knives - Michelle Kee
Gideon - Kial Natale
Stills - Ace Dixon
Todd/Twins - Aaron Kelsh
Patel - Lee Majdoub
Kim - Natasha Wehn
Wells - Nicholas Porteous
Lamp operator - Adam Suliman
Art Design - Tyler Nicol
Additional Music by Ace Dixon
Very special thanks to Petr Salaba and Nancy Shaw
And to all of our viewers for your support! I really appreciate all the votes guys!

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‘Who is Jean?’s entry for the Jameson/Empire Done in 60 Seconds 2011 Competition. Featuring Simon Pegg!

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My entry into Empires annual ‘Done in 60 Seconds’ film competition. Where you remake a film with original music in 60 seconds.

Director & Editor: Max Rees
Producer: Sarah Hacking Brian
Scott: Jason Lee Weight
Ramona: Michelle Wilby
Wallace: John Lubbock
Knives: Audrey Lim
Patel: Umer Khan
Todd: Henry ‘Hench’ Cooke
Roxy: Jenny Harris
Gideon: Andy Cottrill
Twins: Tom & Nik Matheou

Special thanks: Tom Steadman & Edward Saperia

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a :25 second spoof of Scott Pilgrim.

Written, Directed, Edited, Starring, Sound Design & Special Effects by Dan Nguyen

Starring & Music by Dan Bakst

Special Thanks to Andy Nguyen Adam Bettencourt & Mark Araya

  • SPvstw

    Edgar you need to make a scott pilgrim 2 the first one was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SPvstw

    Edgar you need to make a scott pilgrim 2 the first one was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clarisse Loughrey

    Wow! Thanks so much for blogging about our Done in 60 seconds again! It’s so incredibly nice of you to take the time to support all these people. And thanks for the awesome source material…
    (I worked on the Simon Pegg one just in case you’re wondering…)

  • Red

    Those are amazing! You’re such an inspiration Edgar!

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Damn,Those are Fantastic!! Kudos to all involved :)

  • Phillip

    There is some real talent in a few of these videos