Sex Bob-Omb Live(s)!

I am not sure if the real Sex Bob-Omb could tour live.

Michael Cera is a dab hand with indie supergroup ‘Mister Heavenly’ of course and Alison Pill is pretty shit hot on the sticks.

But anyone watching the behind the scenes knows that Mark Webber (much like his character) would break out in cold sweats when playing guitar. And is all the more adorable for his stage fright.

So in lieu of a real Sex Bob-Omb touring, there’s fine fellows like this to pay raucous tribute.


Originally posted to zerosuperhero‘s YouTube account here.

Sex Bob-Omb live show at Dana Auditorium on the campus of Guilford College, Greensboro, NC for the opening of What The Hell? Con 2011. Songs taken from the the works of Bryan Lee O’Malley and the motion picture by Edgar Wright. The song “Fangirls” is written and performed by David Howard.

  • pretty good sticks I must say. Some talent for sure!

  • scott pilgrim fan

    That was really impressive, they sounded so much like Sex Bob-Omb. I never understood the point of tribute bands until now. Good luck North Carolina Sex Bob-Omb!

  • I’d pay some serious Cash Money to see Sex Bob-Omb live. Cash money, I say!

    This performance was a good substitute, though, listened to the whole thing. I dug that fangirls song and the covers of We Are Sex Bob-Omb and Ramona was sweet. Ramona is such a good song you could cover it with kazoos and it’d still be sweet. Cosmically unfair that that Country Song song was nominated at the Oscars and Ramona wasn’t. Cosmically.

    I emphatically restate: cash money!

  • B-Fisch

    Still working on my cover of “Threshold”, though I haven’t done much with it in a month. I’ll get back to it during the weekend.

  • Totz the Plaid

    Speaking of Sex Bob-Omb is there any chance we’re going to get MP3s of “No Fun” or “Indefatigable” at some point?

    • Andy J(Stephen Stills)

      seconded!! We need more material…-_-

    • Andy J(Stephen Stills)

      seconded!! We need more material…-_-

    • Matt


    • Matt


    • Matt


    • Matt


    • Matt


  • Hannah

    Kick ass performance!! Especially like the redhead, a very talented up-and-coming filmmaker in his own right. He loves to learn from the best :-]

  • In agreement with Stephen Stills (The Talent), thank you for liking our performance and thanks to all the views and comments.

  • Andy J(Stephen Stills)

    Thanks for liking us Mr Wright!! Or is it Edgar? I get weirded out when people call me sir. Anyway, you seeing this AND liking this is something to check off my bucket-list. I’ve been having a terrible week and you made my year. Hope to talk to you in the future
    Wannabe Stephen Stills (on the left in the video)
    - Andy

  • Steve Jaworski

    My brother is actually the guitarist in this group and he’s from Charleston. Pretty talented guy and works his ass off so I’m glad he

  • AmberGrindstaff

    I heard about this 🙂 gotta give UNCG props !

  • Pisces

    “Freeee Birdddd”

  • I can’t help but love these guys!! This is awesome! They totally got laid…lol

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  • blockean

    very cool. very cool.

  • I can play all of these songs on guitar! <3

    • Them’s fighting words. Video!

      • Sigh, Edgar you never got back to me, despite telling me to contact your blog when I gave you my card in London, I didn’t really expect a reply but I can’t hide my disappointment 🙁

        • What was it? Sorry, get too many requests to keep on top of it myself.