T-Pain, Chris Brown & Scott Pilgrim Vs The World?

Okay. We’ve had Australia’s The Vines, Nottingham’s Swound and an extraordinary Ludacris mash up from San Francisco’s Mike Relm.

But now, all the way from Florida, here is another music video that not only riffs on ‘Scott Pilgrim’ but pretty much recreates beat for beat the sonic battle between The Katayanagi Twins and Sex Bob-Omb.

Not only that, the makers ripped the ‘Amp Versus Amp’ flyer straight from the movie and tinkered with the TIBB acronym so it now reads ‘Tallahassee International Battle Of The Bands’.

The poster still needs more exclamation marks though.

Either way, am amused and flattered by this Pilgrim riff, even if it lacks snow dragons and a sonic yeti.

*See the bottom of the post for an alternative embed currently not effected by geo-blocking.

Ironically, unlike The Vines and Swound, I was already aware that this video might happen as my VFX supervisor was approached to do the effects. As you can see below…

From: Frazer Churchill
Subject: my first “can you do it like scott pilgrim” request
Date: 29 December 2022 01:32:59 PST
To: Edgar Wright

Had an email from the Florida film house asking for “effects like scott pilgrim” for a music video:

Chris Brown vs T-Pain amp to amp like the Katanyagi fight!.

I’ll show you the treatment at some point, basically a bunch of screen grabs from the katanyagi fight!


Obviously, Frazer did not do the finished video. But sweet of them to ask.

My final thought? Who was the guy that won the battle?

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  • Batouchu

    This video is blocked in your country. :/

  • Nick

    G-Man Graves would never have signed this lot….

  • The auto-tune is hurting my soul

  • Hopefully Chris Brown gets run over by a boat before the end of this video.

  • Anonymous

    I’m just surpised it was Hype Williams who directed it given how he has already made music videos inspired by Inception and Enter The Void.

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Kudos to TP and CB

    Everytime i see T-Pain,i think of “I’m on a Boat” 😉

  • That is fantastic, and what makes it even cooler is that I used to go to that club (called “The Musical Moon” back then) when I was in high school.  Think I’ll go watch Scott Pilgrim…AGAIN!

  • Dysonism

    Didn’t fancy a cameo in the video?! 🙂