‘Shaun of the Dead’ Photo-a-day / Shoot Day 3 / May 13th, 2003

Ten years ago, we began principal photography on ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ in London. To celebrate we’ve decided to take you through every single day of production over the next month or two. Team Big Talk have gone through personal photos, stills, rushes and continuity photos to give you an unique day by day account of our shoot.

Shaun of the Dead Photo-a-day / May 13th, 2003

Shaun of the Dead Photo-a-day / May 13th, 2003

This was a tough day as I remember as the picturesque Mountview Road was not a great route for a low loader, the trailer where you shoot car footage from. So my memory of this day involves the sound of our car rig having to slowly back up instead of being able to loop around the neighbourhood. There were many minutes lost to the endless beeps of a rig reversing.

But we got some good shots. The ambulance with the twitching body bag and also the scene with the double amputee zombie who has been hit by Pete’s car.

And Mountview Road is still a lovely view in North London, with or without zombies.

Shaun of the Dead Photo-a-day / May 13th, 2003

  • Main thanks for your article. Truly getting excited about read more.

  • This is FABULOUS, thank you!

  • God, I saw this on my honeymoon, I can’t have been married that long can i?

  • Crazierhobbes

    This is awesome! I’d have to imagine the confused reactions of passerby’s at the zombies.

  • I remember being told not to frighten any civilians going past when we were in Zombie make-up that day as there was a primary school nearby. But the only real reaction I saw was from a woman walking her 2 daughters home. When she passed the railings she said “Don’t forget to wave at the nice zombies Tasmin.”

    We waved back.

  • Just when you think you know everything about your favourite film, there’s more! Thanks Edgar! 🙂

  • I Love Shawn of The Dead…I hope someday to enjoy the sequel….Zombie s are my favorite movie subject

  • Mal Davies

    So that’s what I was up to ten years ago today! I remember coming out of the honey wagon (on set toilets) and giving Simon Pegg an (unintentional fright) on my way out. And my friend Dave Beavis plays man fleeing house from zombie family. Fun day.

  • the dude

    Who moderates this? Is it Edgar? That’d be way cool. Edgar, if you’re reading this, I gotta say, I love your movies, and Spaced.
    I recently bought the universal S.P vs T.W steelbook and it is so cool.

  • AmberGrindstaff

    oh i don’t know,the field looks nice with zombies in it 🙂

  • the dude

    Is the zombie supposed to be an amputee, or was it just the actor. Because the zombie looks like it has a stick leg.

    • I think they use an amputee actor for the run over zombie.


  • paul

    I always do a double take on this guy thinking its Andy Gray

    • You mean it’s not Andy Gray?

      • It is not. It was a double amputee stunt performer whose name was Chris as I recall.

  • We did a massive squee when the car drives past the Night of the Living Dead field!