‘Shaun of the Dead’ Photo-a-day / Shoot Day 8 / May 19th, 2003

Shaun of the Dead Photo-a-day / May 19th, 2003

Shaun of the Dead Photo-a-day / May 19th, 2003

“Pow. Super Mum.”

This was a day spent in and around Crouch End Broadway in North London. I recall that getting the seemingly homeless man to seemingly eat a pigeon was not too easy. Harder still to get him to pull that moment off with a bus wiping frame. Still I think we got it.

‘Sherman’s’ florists was a nod to the best zombie performer of all time Howard Sherman who played ‘Bub’ in ‘Day Of The Dead’. It was actually shot at Broadway Fruiterers‎ on Crouch End Broadway.

Shaun of the Dead Photo-a-day / May 19th, 2003

Later we did some of the bus footage with Shaun travelling to work. Again, not easy stuff on London’s ridiculously congested roads.

Finally on this day, a scene that eventually got cut. Scene 2 part 1 was a traffic jam that featured Bill Nighy’s Philip in his Jag and some choreography of cars and wind screen wipers. It ended up being surplus to requirements.

Trivia fact: We played in music on the day to choreograph the opening, but it was not I, Monster’s ‘The Blue Wrath’ that appears in the movie. On the set originally we used ‘The Micro Disneycal World Tour [The High Llamas Remix]’ by Cornelius. So imagine that.

Shaun of the Dead Photo-a-day / May 19th, 2003

  • Vanessa Zamora

    I lived on Weston Park in Crouch End when this movie was being filmed. I always thought it was so cool to show off my neighborhood to my friends back in the states when we went to see the film in the cinema!

  • tippiviolet

    Oh, screw that. Where are my flowers, Edgar?

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  • Thanks Edgar for showing us this. It’s fascinating to see your production schedule. You big old lovely, you!

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Ah yes more tidbits-Love it!

  • Agent88

    A script page is divided into 1/8ths to give a rough idea of scene length to screen time and a page count for scheduling. The last column is Scheduled Character numbers showing which characters appear in the scene - Shaun is the main character so he is number 1, Bill Nighy’s Philip number 6, etc.

  • These posts are the best part of my day.

    I love how you include little easter eggs of your favourite characters/performers/films in your own movies.

    I did the same myself - for my first animated short, there was a close-up of a tub of ice cream which I labelled “Cornetto” 🙂 It’s small, but you can see it if you look for it.

  • Guest

    Can you please explain the last two columns in the sheet?

    • Guest

      The second to last column looks like length of page of the shot (screenplay pages are split into eighths). I can’t speak to the final column, but my guess is shot numbers to be covered or maybe character designation. That’s merely a guess. Not sure. Just realized I think someone else posted the answers to your question.

      • The numbers indicate which actors will be needed for the scene. The 1 probably refers to Simon Pegg. There’s no 2 in the above scenes, but my guess is that Nick Frost would be 2. The numbering continues with the most frequently appearing actors being in the single digits and the less frequently appearing with higher numbers.