The World’s End: Three Flavours Cornetto Featurette

Ever wondered where the Cornetto obsession comes from? Well…

And if U.K. fans want to experience the full ‘Cornetto’ in all its nutty glory, Universal has teamed up with VUE Cinemas for all three flavours. Starting on July 18 at 7.30pm, audiences will be treated to special screenings of Shaun and Fuzz followed by a first viewing of The World’s End at midnight. The trilogy will screen at select Vue Cinemas across the country, will full details over at Edgar Wright’s own blog.

Originally posted with comments and discussion on IGN

  • phil mckenna

    think it great u got blue on you.i got sign post of shaun of dead you put your got red on you lol.lookin 4ward 4 this worlds end

  • Connor Bruce

    So looking forward to this. Surprised about the cornetto thing, I also thought that was planned from the off.

  • I always thought the three flavours Cornetto was the plan from the beginning XD But it’s awesome that it’s concluding, regardless of inception!