The World’s End / All Four Promotional Featurettes

“The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy”

“Director At Work”

“Pegg and Frost”

“Friends Reunited”

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  • tippiviolet

    …I’m especially enjoying all your dynamic pointing in that clip, too. You give great pointing.

  • tippiviolet

    I love the Director at Work featurette. How nice to have all those talented people singing your praises- but would it have killed them to have mentioned your good looks, also? *sigh* SO underappreciated. Sleep easy in the certain knowledge that women worldwide think you’re absolutely adorable.

  • Dean Oates

    Saw the 1st 12.05am showing of The Worlds End film in the Broadway Cinema, it was totally amazing, loved every minute of it!, going to watch it again with the missus next week (nice touch at the start with you, nick & simon and the hand out of the Newton Haven map, not forgetting the staff walking about with Cornetto ice creams for sale!). I have lived in Letchworth all my life and its unreal to be sitting in the Broadway Cinema and seeing The Mermaid on the screen! I spent most evenings walking around Letchworth while the film was being made. Thanks for starting outside my house in September 2012 with the night shot of the drunken lads walking up! Look forward to you guys visiting Letchworth later in the year! Deano

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Thanks for putting these all in one place,they were all a bit scattered about