USA / Watch The Full Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy

Triple-bill screenings coming to a theatre near you

Are You Up for 3 Scoops of Awesome?

The following cinema chains will be serving up the full Cornetto Trilogy on August 22, with marathon screenings of SHAUN OF THE DEAD, HOT FUZZ, and the new THE WORLD’S END. So follow the legendary cinematic adventures of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost under the direction of Edgar Wright by seeing all three in one fun triple-bill.

Click on the cinema links below to find out where the trilogy will be unfurling in your neighborhood.






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  • saphilone

    Does anyone have one extra ticket for the August 22nd 10pm showing of The World’s End at Arclight Hollywood?? I am broke so the most I can pay is face value. But it comes with bonus hugs and high fives too! Please comment back if you have extra! Thanks!

  • Jesse Lewis

    I can’t even find where to buy tickets I want to go badly

  • Joseph Michael Faux

    No showing in Indiana? 🙁

    • Brad Renner

      Exactly… 🙁 I figured at least Indianapolis would be on the AMC list, or at worst a showing in Louisville, KY but no. No love for the Midwest… I’ve tweeted at AMC’s official account to see if they’re considering any Indiaanplois showings.

  • Aaron Morrison

    I wish either the Cinemark or AMC in Tulsa, OK were doing this, the nearest theater hosting the event is over 4 hours away