Anatomy of a Scene: ‘The World’s End’

ANATOMY OF A SCENE - Directors offer behind-the-scenes narration on their films. A running feature from The New York Times.

The director Edgar Wright has teamed up again with the actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to make his latest comedy, “The World’s End.” In this video, he narrates a segment from the film’s opening sequence, a prologue set in 1990. He discusses using 16-millimeter film to shoot the sequence and using prosthetics on some of his young actors.

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  • SarahAC

    Did any of the other young versions have prosthetics or was it just for Little Martin’s nose? XD

  • tippiviolet

    What a nice little thing. It’s weird to think a lot of the world hasn’t seen the whole movie yet. But what a lovely treat they have coming!

    • Anton Doiron

      It opened on Friday in the USA but our little theater in Juneau Alaska has not got it yet. So we wait and wait. Looking forward to it!