All Star Celebrity Bowling / Nerdist Vs. The World’s End feat. Steve Jones

When I am an old man and someone asks me what my finest hour was, I will say these 13 minutes. The closest I ever came to being in the Sex Pistols…

It’s a special British Trilogy/World Ending edition of All Star Celebrity Bowling as the UK comedy genre-bending maestros of Team Cornetto Trilogy (Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Edgar Wright and the Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones) take on Team Nerdist (Jonah Ray, Matt Mira, Chloe Dykstra and Chris Hardwick). Will the World’s End boys’ bloody frozen lactose fixation prove victorious? Watch and see!

  • tippiviolet

    Genuinely impressive bowling action, well done guys!

  • Is Simon wearing capris?

    • tippiviolet

      I was thinking clam diggers, but no, you’re right. Interesting wardrobe choice.

  • Well done for breaking their bottoms, as Basil put it.

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Fantastic Bowling from the 4 of you !! Teach me !

    • tippiviolet

      You just roll the ball down the lane, there’s nothing to it. I speak as a disenchanted ex-employee of Streatham Megabowl. I will say I’m surprised that hot chick got away with wearing heels on the lanes, plus that interviewer guy was throwing balls around like a maniac. They would have been banned in a hot second from any reputable bowling alley.