The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy Special Empire Podcast - Edgar Wright & Simon Pegg

Simon and I sat down with Chris Hewitt & Nick De Semlyen last weekend to do an almost feature length podcast about the making of ‘Shaun’, ‘Fuzz’ & ‘The World’s End’. Lots of new anecdotes and revelations. Discover below why I will always owe Simon 600 quid…


  • SarahAC

    This will be perfect to listen to while I’m on the tram to work. Last week I listened to the Marc Maron WTF podcast which was also brilliant! Only trouble is I keep laughing to myself and looking slightly crazy on public transport!

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Enjoyed… You two always put a smile on my face 🙂

  • A true story is very interesting, I like your book on the shared line, to wish you every success and actually do more than that, I’m very impressed.

  • Benny Barko

    TWE felt like Spaced, if that makes sense. Some of the shots, pans, wipes and schtuff. I loved the fact that essentially, the end of the world hinged on the ravings of an alcoholic man-child. The moral? Agree with drunk people. It’s just easier that way.
    It’s almost as if Gary King is the representation of the Spaced/Shaun/Fuzz fanbase collective. His school buddies represent Simon, Nick and Edgar who are emotionally exhausted by his relentlessness. THEY have now grown up, moved on beyond their formative years into maturity, hinting that he should move on, grow up, change with the times as well. To quote Andy Knightly; “Now it’s time to go home.”