Best interviewer ever?

Tim Chipping was one of the hero zombies in ‘Shaun Of The Dead’. Not only does he feature heavily in the Winchester climax and get his own neck squib, but he was on the poster for the movie. He made a killer zombie.

So what a treat that ten years later, Tim got to interview me in his full zombie make up. This interview for Holy Moly was a bloody highlight of the DVD press. Enjoy.

  • AmberGrindstaff

    All interviews should be like this 🙂 Love it

  • LetĂ­cia MagalhĂŁes

    This is the best interview ever! The World’s End is an amazing ending for the trilogy and it’s always a pleasure to see you, Simon and Nick working together.

  • Abdukadir Ali

    i was thinking the same thing why not give it another three movies and by the way best interviewer ever