• tippiviolet

    Not so much spoilers as a cliffhanger. Pure soap opera. “Will circle ever tell oval how he REALLY feels?”
    *on the edge of my seat*

  • Sarah5636

    What film is this again? ;P

  • SarahAC

    Are Dexys Midnight Runners a spoiler too? Or just what you’re listening to?

  • MarkoP

    Ant-Man’s soundtrack will consist entirely of Van Morrison covers?

  • AmberGrindstaff

    You Tease.. 🙂

  • maxabram .

    For Pete’s sake… This is worse than the time Charlton Heston was in all the papers after being found drunk in the Statue of Liberty singing The Doors’ “The End” a week before “Planet of the Apes” came out.

    • Isaac Zammit

      Haha 🙂 Good one.

  • Adam The Noob Film Maker

    WTF thanks a lot, after seeing that there’s no point in even going to watch it! The whole things been spoiled.. I’m gunna go cry and watch Spiderman…