• tippiviolet

    Um, I’m not sure that guy is a real doctor. Maybe make an appointment somewhere else? You need to keep healthy, your schedule seems absolutely killer.

  • Austin Harvey Stock

    You are so close to where I live. If you have a chance, please stop by and try out my arcade for a second. It’s only got 8000+ games, but I’m sure you’ll find something you like!

    • tippiviolet

      Why, where’s your arcade?

  • Colby Michael Keating

    Please let this be a hint telling us you’re directing a Doctor Who episode about Walt Disney!

    But seriously, direct a Doctor Who episode. That shit would be nuts.

  • Sarah5636

    It was nice of him to pop by and make sure your feeling better 😉

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Aww,I’m not the only one that wants you better 🙂

  • Harlequin Pym

    I like it!!