‘A Fistful Of Fingers’ 20th Anniversary Screening - Prince Charles Cinema, London 24/11/15

On Friday the 24th of November, filmgoers wrapped up tight and lined the cold streets of Leicester Square to see a new and exciting, Great British action film. It would go on to make 350 million dollars worldwide. But enough about ‘Goldeneye’.


Just around the corner from the Odeon Leicester Square you could have found a 21 year old me nervously introducing my debut feature that very night at the Prince Charles Cinema. My movie, shot on 16mm and 78 minutes in length, was ‘A Fistful Of Fingers’. At the time I was pretty broke and could barely afford my travel card to get in. But I want to thank anyone that did choose my silly opus over James Bond that weekend as it truly gave me a break into this industry. The film was warmly received by some (Time Out, The Evening Standard) and savaged by others (Empire, The Guardian), but I owe my career to these zero budget antics in the Somerset countryside.

That night I was so anxious about the opening night response that I decided to pace around the foyer instead of watching the movie. I started chatting up the usher, Donna, and we later went on a date to see the romantic comedy ‘Seven’. So imagine my delight when the Prince Charles Cinema contacted me about the idea of creating a 20th anniversary event in honour of me asking out Donna The Usher.

Please get down to the world famous PCC and see my debut feature ‘A Fistful Of Fingers’ on the big screen again. I truly believe that with your help we could still beat ‘Goldeneye’s total box office.

Edgar Wright, 21st September 2015.

  • hunter-sith

    Greetings, Mr. Wright!

    I want to congratulate you with the return of “A Fistful Of Fingers” to the big screen - though just for once but the film is worth thousands of these exclusives! And it’s very good that the picture will appear in the legal access the next year. As a big fan of your works, I’ve searched for this movie everywhere in the Internet (I admit, that I’ve found it only on torrent, sorry!).

    A few months ago I shoot my first short comedy film about two cowboys. I was truly inspired by your debut work, Mr. Wright! Thank you and your film for the push! (If you have time - please take a look at my newborn baby, I will be very grateful to you!).

    I look forward to watch your new works. And this time, I ensure you, I will do it legally 🙂

    Your faithful fan and friendly neighborhood from a small town … Somewhere in Russia.

  • SarahA1

    Don’t live in London anymore ;( - but AFOF would complete my Edgar Wright filmography (I have the Hot Fuzz DVD with the Dead Right movie on it)

  • Scott Colcombe

    Hey, Edgar!! I don’t know if you’ll see this message here, but I need to ask something very important! I want to sample a small section of dialogue from Spaced in one of my songs! This one specifically: http://www.soundcloud.com/scottcolcombe/500a

    I wanted to know who I needed to contact to to get the sample cleared if I were to put the song on iTunes / Spotify, or physical release!! If you can’t reply here, my email is [email protected] or pretty much any social media is @scottcolcombe

    Thanks for reading!

  • Karen Jones

    If it would get an American re-release (specifically, a Boynton Beach FL release) those receipts would be in the bag. I managed to see TWE in cinemas 19 times so I’m sure I could manage a couple dozen viewings of this (since Fingers has a shorter running time).

  • AmberGrindstaff

    If only I lived in London,I would be there,no doubt about it !
    Maybe you can get a second date with Donna 😉
    Congratulations on 20th Anniversary of AFOF ♡

  • Anywhere to download (legally please!) this?

    • Might be coming back out next year…

      • How have I not heard of this before? I live in Canada… but not under a rock 😛

      • SarahAC

        Yes please.