Baby Driver Trailer

So this is what I’m been working on for the last four years. Can’t wait for you all to see it!

This Summer, all you need is one killer track #BabyDriverMovie

Bonus - International Trailer

  • RDB

    Baby Driver was a fantastic summer flick! A group of us went with our 12-year-old boys, and everyone loved the movie and especially the music and the way you wove the sound and cinematography together. Bravo!

    The film’s only major shortcoming was that the writing and character development for the two female characters, Debora and Darling, was incredibly flimsy. Against the backdrop of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, and the horrible example of a US president elected by misogynists, the stereotype-laden characterizations of Debora as starry eyed supportive girlfriend and Darling as a hotsy-totsy moll, indicated a lack of imagination and effort that was not worthy of the actresses who played them. Evidently, it mattered to absolutely no one in power that these women be portrayed in a more three-dimensional fashion.

    The good news is that your success with Baby Driver gives you the power to change things, if you so choose. There are many male writers who have created beautifully drawn female characters. Consider Matt Weiner’s work on Mad Men. Peggy, Betty and Joan are three characters who played right into the stereotypes prevalent in the late 1960s. What made the show so brilliant and heartbreaking was the attention given to the interior lives of these women, and how the constraints of social norms had devastating consequences for all three. All of them struggled with how to fully utilize their talents in a world that we merely wanted to objectify them. Matt Weiner appears to have a strong appreciation for women that came through in his writing. He may also have had female writers on his staff.

    I would encourage you to use your position of privilege to grow as an artist and learn how to use the voices and experiences of women to broaden your perspective. For example, in Baby Driver, I could imagine Debora playing a more instrumental role in helping Baby escape his lot in life. Given that his mother was badly victimized by Baby’s father, it would’ve been fitting for him to be attracted to a stronger woman who could have protected him. You could’ve written a very interesting backstory for Darling around how she lured Jon Hamm’s character away from Wall St. I’ll leave the screen writing to experts like you, but just wanted to encourage you to apply your gifts to amplify the voices of the other half of the planet.

  • Sally Teatheredge

    Finally got to see Baby Driver with my 15-year-old son, his third viewing and certainly not his last. Now I see why he has been raving about it. It must have taken an age to edit to such perfection. Amazing work and inspiring for a young film addict.