Can you see why I’m SO FUCKING ANGRY?

I don’t know how I’ve haven’t seen this before and don’t quite know who made this amazing mash up, but…

Thank you. Fuck yeah.

  • dd

    im fucking anfruy

  • dd

    im fucking anfruy

  • Smash

    Earfist is playing in the UK here :

  • Earfist

    Cheers from Sweden. I'm playing at a small party in Manchester in March and I will definitely play this track :)

  • arsonist

    and as the vid said.. it was the visual on the SHOCKS X party..

  • arsonist

    This ain't a mashup it's TERROR with samples from shaun of the dead. played on parties in sweden, poland and ofcource holland

  • Josef

    The track is a mixed version of Earfist - Fucking Angry, which he played at the Shocks X party.. the video is edited by Terata, one of the other guys in the Swecore team (yes, Earfist is one of the other dudes in that team).

    Great song, great clip, great movie!


  • TrillianEG42

    Sooo good. Love it! :)

  • Matt T


  • Nadine


  • Zachy

    QUESTION: When can we expect to see a SP trailer? Superbowl? maybe….

  • Sarah5636

    Oh wow that was mental thanks for sharing Ed :) I'm watching Silent Partner at the moment, would love to see it on the big screen, also looking forward to getting Suspiria on bluray next week. Hope the editing is going well.

  • BlackGriffin

    it IS cool…

  • jessieleonard4

    It's about 1:30 in the morning here in Midwest America and I'm hysterically laughing and doing a little dance on my couch to this. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go find my copy of Shaun of the Dead…

  • Sara_Shell

    I wonder if I can dance or rave to this…;D

  • Jessica

    Rofl! The ending when the two of them just start dancing & Frost goes “Fuck yeah!” just made it all the more funnier.

    That was oddly entertaining.
    PS, No, I still don't see why you're so fucking angry.

  • AmberGrindstaff

    I need to make this my ringtone 😉

  • Joel Vallie

    I think it was Earfist. I'm not sure why I know that though.

  • Adam Wood

    It is Sunday, it is 2 in the morning and you just burst my eardrum Mr Wright.

  • Siobhan Gibson

    I believe it's this bloke:

  • Pete jones

    I thought that was class!!

  • Taylor Lynch

    This is at least 10 different kinds of delightful.

  • big_jd_no1

    Ha, I saw this on Peter's Twitter earlier today. Class. I could even pretend to be down wiv da kidz and make a capital T with my hands while saying Choooooooooon, but that would be preposterous for a man of 40. Rather splendid.

  • Sheila Brown

    That's the weirdest thing I have ever heard!

  • Sheila Brown

    That's just too far LOL