My Top Movies & Tracks of 2013

UPDATE: This is why end of year lists are silly. Because since Jan 1st 2014, I have seen and admired the following 2013 movies: THE ACT OF KILLING, BLACK FISH, BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOUR, DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, THE GREAT BEAUTY, MUD, PHILOMENA, PRINCE AVALANCHE and UPSTREAM COLOR.

I also forgot BEWARE OF MR. BAKER from my great documentaries list. I’m still catching up. But as I say, it’s never too late to see a good movie.

In mid November I was pushed to do a Top 10 films of the year, which was tricky because I still had so many movies left to see. It’s the 1st of January here in Australia (where I currently am) and I still have a huge amount of movies that I intend to see.

The truth is that more than 400 films were released last year and so I, like you, will still be watching 2013 movies in 2023.

That said, here’s my expanded Top 20 movies of the year (can’t call all of them films as some were shot on digital). I thoroughly enjoyed, was moved or completely dazzled by …



Spring Breakers

The Wolf Of Wall Street

Blue Jasmine

Behind The Candelabra (A cinema release in the UK)

Inside Llewyn Davis

Before Midnight

Short Term 12


The Spectacular Now


12 Years A Slave

Iron Man 3

The Bling Ring

Captain Phillips

Enough Said


Pacific Rim

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

And there’s a whole bunch more besides showing just what a great year it was for movies, including future cult items like ‘The Counselor’ & ‘Stoker’.

Plus the few documentaries I did see and enjoyed include…

The Stone Roses: Made Of Stone
20 Feet From Stardom
Sound City

Oh and there’s more…

Lots and lots of amazing tracks this year.

So here are my favourite songs of 2013 handily compiled by using my iTunes play count. I haven’t even included The Lonely Island’s ‘I Don’t Give A Honk’ either. Which is saying something.


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  • Maria Witwiky

    Want to add one more movie in the list i.e “The Hunger Game: Catching Fire”. I watched this movie on hbodefined and its pretty good. Just in-case anyone else wants to watch good movies on Tv then i would say don’t miss to watch all new movies on HBO blockbuster. For this you can visit at , if you like too 🙂

  • SarahAC

    Oh and I bought only two albums for the year. One was Daft Punk’s Random Access Memory and the other was The World’s End soundtrack. Love them both but TWE soundtrack has been on constant rotation in my car since August (only removed briefly on Dec 25th when I put in a Christmas album but was promptly returned on Dec 26th)

  • SarahAC

    Having a new baby meant I only got to the cinema FOUR times for the WHOLE year! One of those was for a screening of The Blues Brothers (with John Landis in attendance) obviously NOT a 2013 film. The other three times were all for THE WORLD’S END. Clearly my number 1 (and 2, 3, 4….10) film of the year 🙂

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Give yourself that extra month come Jan 2015-for your Favs of 2014

  • Josh

    No need to try and appear impartial. Go ahead and slap World’s End on that list…it definitely deserves a spot haha

    also we seem to have pretty similar tastes with regards to both music and movies…did you check out the new albums by The Flaming Lips or Danny Brown? I think you might dig them!

  • Riley Weckbacher-Robeck

    I wasn’t too sure about Franz Ferdinand’s new album at first, it felt a bit like going back to the well, but the more I listened to it, the more I liked it.
    It might be their best album yet

  • Eric Flaris

    Some nice picks! And a few I really need to check out so thanks. I’m curious what you thought of American Hustle? I thought it was fantastic and one of my favorites of the year but there seems to be some backlash brewing among people. Too long, terrible pacing, boring, etc. I think you mentioned seeing so did you not like it as a whole?

  • Luke Ryan

    Great to see Rush, Prisoners, The Spectacular Now and Ain’t Them Bodies Saints on your list, the rest are all brilliant too, I checked out Candelabra based on you mentioning it(had no interest prior) and absolutely adored it, so thanks! I actually had a blast with Iron Man 3 though preferred The Wolverine. Obviously you probably shouldn’t count your own but for my money The World’s End should be in everyone’s Top 10 lists at least, it’s so much more than meets the eye.

  • You don’t watch non english speaking movies so ? or you don’t like them ?

    • I didn’t see enough! I think I barely saw any this year, which is not good enough.

      • Ah too bad… Besides “La Vie d’Adèle”, I think you should try to see Sion Sono’s “The Land of Hope”, Pablo Berger’s “Blancanieves” and Paolo Sorrentino’s “La Grande Bellezza” (well, it’s “The Great Beauty”).
        Mixing documentaries and fiction movies, “The Act of Killing” is my favorite film of the year.

  • radogado

    “Iron Man 3” 😮

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  • joseph wythe

    Good Picks. Seen 12 of those and I agree with all of them besides Iron Man 3.

  • randommale7

    You’re in AUS!!! May I stalk you please Sir?

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  • Drew Douglas

    I still need to see The Bling Ring. Been meaning to for awhile now.

  • SimpsonsGoldenAge

    Iron Man 3? Gross.

  • AmberGrindstaff

    saw 10 on that list,wish i hadn’t missed Gravity in the theater, great tunes I love AF-Reflektor !

  • 2013 was a great year for documentaries. Other than the ones you’ve mentioned, I’d recommend:

    Stories We Tell
    Happy People
    Only The Young
    The Gatekeepers
    The Crash Reel
    Richard Pryor – Omit the Logic

    • Dan B

      Highly, HIGHLY recommend Blackfish as well!

  • GeekFurious

    I only made a list of 3 top movies… and 2 of the movies on your list are on it. But… where’s that awesome THE WORLD’S END?! Did you even so it, bro? So awesome!