• Anonymous

    Nice one.nWhich country/countries will this be appearing on telly?

  • SarahAC

    Nice one.
    Which country/countries will this be appearing on telly?

  • I love they way this was cut. Looks great!

  • Frances

    bread makes you fat?!

  • Dylan37

    “Well, I'm a little Bi-Furious!” *Kick to face*
    Classic man! This will deffinetly a T-shirt movie.

  • Nolan

    I accidentally laughed too hard at work and now my co-workers are looking at me funny.

    I can't wait for this movie!!

  • I need to see this now 🙁 I need one of them time machine thingies they always talk about on tv and films and stuff.



  • Steven H.

    Sir, will you be my wedded husband?

  • AmberGrindstaff


    only 72 days left !

  • Freakin' awesome. Bravo. Just the way I imagine this universe…

  • Stuart

    Bread makes you fat?!

    Michael Cera = Scott Pilgrim

  • Red

    Very nice, getting really excited for the movie!

  • And Scott Pilgrim becomes part of Television.