• Anonymous

    Oh man, I really can’t wait to see this film!

  • SarahAC

    Oh man, I really can't wait to see this film!

  • jk

    when the Warriors fight the Baseball Furies, this music echoes it. classic.

  • I have two favourite moments in this.

    #1 Winnie

    #2 The way Wallace sidles off stage right

  • jk

    Underscore is killer cool, sounds like update of The Warriors when the gang is on the move.

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Yes.. Hell Yes!! 🙂

  • First of all thanks for putting up a video for us non U.S. viewers. Second Holy shit that was awesome! I almost wish I didn't see it because its going to make the wait that mach longer. I'm sure I'll have to fly to the U.S. just to see it on opening night.

  • Jane

    how i hate fake tough guys who affect that throaty voiced Snake Plissken growl. only Kurt Russell can pull that off.
    Hit 'em all, Scott Pilgrim!.

  • He is playing Wallace Wells, who in the comics is a shameless panel stealer. If Culkin DOESN'T steal a bunch of scenes there's something wrong.

    I am hoping that at some point the VS graphic pops up for something other than a fight scene. Scott Pilgrim VS Accusations of Infidelity

  • Todd

    Awesome clip, I really enjoyed it Edgar, thanks.

    (June 7/10 - happy 22nd birthday Mr. Cera/Pilgrim ; )

  • Mary

    Is it wrong to squee louder over seeing the hot director than over seeing his awesome movie clip..?

  • OOOO!! Fantastic! Matrix! ))

  • mth

    Kieran Culkin is going to steal every frame of every scene that he’s in, isn’t he?

  • Born.

    You are officially THE BOMB.

  • Wowsers!!

  • Wow! That's not what I expected! It's better!!!

    I was afraid if Scott Pilgrim Movie would get your personal touch, bat it's there indeed! In my opinion, your storytelling skills are getting better and better, each movie you directed was like a step for the next one. I mean, it was necessary the work done at “Sean” and “Hot Fuzz” to get you prepared to this new movie.

    I'm a huge fan of yours!
    Oh, please excuse me, all you old and respectfull and traditional directors, but you Edgar are my favorite director off all time!

    Keep doing what you do best!!!!

    Greatings from a huge fan brazilian fan of your works!