Scott Pilgrim vs 60 Seconds

Kudos to Kial Natale and Dylan Innes for this 60 second fan made version of ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs The World’ that whipped up for a film festival competition.

Amazing what they managed to pack in and an incredible amount of work must have gone into it. Am hugely flattered.

Achievement Unlocked.

(P.S. This should come with a SPOILER ALERT as it pretty much lays out the whole movie. But if you’re on my blog and you haven’t seen it, sort that shit out and thank me later.)


Scott Pilgrim vs 60 Seconds is an official entry in the Virgin Radio Fake Film Festival contest. Inspired by Bryan Lee O’Malley’s amazing comic series and Edgar Wright’s wonderful film, this “speed run” tells the epic tale of love in only 60 seconds. Please vote for us here!

Directed by Kial Natale and Dylan Innes
Sound & Music by Aaron Kelsh and Dylan Innes
Scott - Chad Rimmel
Ramona - Jodii Grono
Knives - Michelle Lee
Gideon - Kial Natale
Stills - Ace Dixon
Todd/Twins - Aaron Kelsh
Patel - Lee Majdoub
Kim - Natasha Wehn
Wells - Nicholas Porteous
Lamp operator - Adam Suliman
Art Design - Tyler Nicol
Additional Music by Ace Dixon
Very special thanks to Petr Salaba and Nancy Shaw
And to all of our viewers for your support!

  • Andrew

    Scott Pilgrim vs 60 Seconds is the winner of Virgin Radio’s Fake Film Festival!

  • Jedischooldropout


    I also like the very original stop motion resevoir dogs

  • Jedischooldropout


    I also like the very original stop motion resevoir dogs

  • Kial Natale

    Thank you so much Edgar! Your extremely kind post has really meant a lot to me and my friends. You are one of my favourite film/TV directors: your masterful work and devotion to all aspects of filmmaking has always been truly inspirational to me. In short, I feel extremely honoured for your acknowledgment. Thanks again, and I wish you all the best!

    -Kial Natale

  • They looked so much like the actors in the real film that it was honestly a wee bit creepy.

    But where were Roxie and Young Neil?

  • TylerZombie

    We officially could NOT be happier … I think I’m vibrating inside where my good parts have gone forever. We … are not … worthy
    - Tyler Nicol (guy what done did arts on this)

  • Anonymous

    That was really impressive. 🙂

  • Andrew

    Scott Pilgrim is made by the people who also made Pokemon Apokelypse (at if there’s anyone out there who hasn’t seen it)!

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Fantastic 60 seconds !!

  • Aaron Kelsh

    Edgar, you just made Kial’s life. Thank you.

  • awesome indeed, great work!

  • Mikhail

    That was EPIC!!! Great homage to an awesome movie.