The Crandell Theatre, Columbia County / The World’s End Screening and Q&A with myself moderated by Peter Biskind

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Sunday Matinee / The World’s End
Show Times: Sunday, September 22 4:00 pm matinee
Chatham Film Club Members $6.00, Non Members $7.00

Since we’re in an Elysium mood, we bring you The World’s End, the third film in Edgar Wright‘s Simon Pegg trilogy of black comedies that started with the beyond brilliant Shaun of the Dead in 2004, followed by Hot Fuzz in 2007. Both are genre parodies, but that’s not the half of it. Unlike, say, Airplane and Naked Gun from our own Zucker brothers, that’s not all they are. Because what are genres, after all, but rules of behavior codified into aesthetic do’s and don’ts, which gives Wright the opening he needs to turn them against themselves, drolly exposing their essential vacuity, skewering the absurdities of life as we know it. In Shaun of the Dead, for example, it takes Pegg some time to realize that there actually are zombies abroad, because their shambling blankness is nearly identical to that of his neighbors. The World’s End begins as a thinking man’s spoof of movies like the Hangovers, with their struggles against growing up, but like its predecessors, it turns into something else-what, it would be tactless to tell. As a special treat, writer-director Edgar Wright will introduce the film and answer questions afterwards.-Peter Biskind

“This is by light-years the most entertaining movie of the year. How many apocalyptic sci-fi action extravaganzas leave you feeling as if the world is just beginning?”&-David Edelstein, New York Magazine

“Wright has retained his happy knack of deploying gags not as comic relief but as smart bombs, dropped into the midst of violent activity, until we can’t tell what is funny and what hurts.”-Anthony Lane, New Yorker

“To my surprise, a diamond has emerged from the gutter. Its name is The World’s End, and it’ll knock you on you ass from laughing when you’re not rubbing your eyes in disbelief.”-Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

“The World’s End is more like an antic sugar high than a reeling, drunken stupor. There are no headaches, dry mouth or crushing shame at the end – no “Hangover,” in other words. I’ll drink to that.”-A.O. Scott, New York Times

“Robert Frost famously mused ‘Some say the world will end in fire/Some say in ice.’ I prefer Edgar Wright’s vision: It will end in a pub.”-Christopher Orr, The Atlantic

“It overflows with middle-aged angst over lost youth. And laments the generic nature of our corporate-driven culture.”-Mary F. Pols, TIME Magazine

“Don’t feel excluded if you haven’t seen the zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead and the buddy cop comedy Hot Fuzz… because The World’s End stands on its own as hilarious high-end nonsense.”-Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

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