Thinking Of A World’s End Halloween Costume? Behold The Newton Haven Pub Crawl Map!

So you want to be Gary King for Halloween? Well there’s one specific prop you may need and because I love you, here it is for you to download. Click below for the map for the fabled Golden Mile. Now go cause havoc on All Hallows Eve!


The World's End / Newton Haven Map

Side 1 / Front Cover: Link

Side 2 / Map with Golden Mile in gold: Link [FIXED]

  • Frankie Fry

    I am going to be cosplaying as a fem Gary King, whom I am going to call Carrie (as Gary isn’t the most feminine name). Now I have the map I am very close to finishing this. Absolutely terrific film and I got it for my birthday. Now I have completed my collection of your films. Time for a film marathon!

  • Corn Oilio

    Loved the Movie the critics can Fick themselves.

  • tippiviolet

    I never went on a pub crawl. Thanks to….well…all this, I’m seriously considering it. I know, liver damage, you say. But if I was really going to do it in keeping with The Worlds End, I’d just drink a lot of coloured water, because, as we’ve heard, there was no alcohol on set. Even non alcoholic beer was vetoed by the stickler Pegg. So it might be fine. I guess… Golden Mile, watch out! I’m not trekking down to Letchworth though, I have SOME standards. But let us BooBoo by all means.

  • kimmerv2

    Wonderful! Now I can make a new one with the front cover for my Gary cosplay! Many thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  • Vincent Grotesque

    I have my blue LED’s ready, I’m going to be Blank young Gary King! Let’s boo boo!

  • Can you tell us which way the map is oriented in relationship to the front cover? Is the front title corner where the beers are, or where the compass rose is?

  • M3X1C4N

    This is amazing! I was waiting for this. 😀

  • Vicky


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  • Finally, I can get my clutched repaired..

  • Outstanding! Now I just need to find the actual pubs.

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  • Ben Spiegel

    Exactly what I needed! Now all I need to find is a way to get the amazing coat like Gary King! Can anybody help me find one?

  • ┓┏ 凵 =╱⊿┌┬┐

    Well this is definitely something to put on my wall

  • Katy O’Neill

    The first link is upside down. When I go to rotate it and save it it won’t allow me. The other option is to duplicate it but then it inverts the image or something…

  • Liam Durnin

    Now I wanna go as Gary King. That coat though.

  • AmberGrindstaff

    YES !! 🙂

  • Erin Mischak

    Looks like both links go to the same file, the back side of the map — I am dying to have this. Can you update?