May 27th, 2009


May 27th, 2009 (1)

May 27th, 2009 (2)

May 27th, 2009 (3)

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48 Responses to “May 27th, 2009”
  1. Sanc says:

    I am so glad you’re doing it this way.

  2. Slick says:

    That is just too bloody perfect. You’re startin’ to freak me out now. In a good way. :0)

  3. matt says:

    SWEET!!! Im getting really stoked about this movie. I also want to thank you Edgar for your daily updates which are unparalleled in awesomeness.

  4. That’s so close to the storyboard!! Cool!

  5. Jessica says:

    OMFG! That first picture!!!!!! *Dies.*


  6. Jay says:

    Cera in that first photo looks creepy and funny at the same time.

    The attention to detail is almost mind-boggling. You aiming to outdo “Watchmen” as the most loyal comic book adaption ever, Mr. Wright?

  7. Amber BG says:

    Good Heavens!!!

    Another Day of Fabulous Pics

  8. Fe says:

    aubrey plaza!! hahaha
    everything looks AMAZING. *sigh*
    looks soo good.

  9. Marko says:

    But the real question remains:
    Does she have the shoes?

  10. Ryan says:

    That’s some lazy storyboard making right there. (Kidding.)
    Julie and Stills look great! She’s certainly got the bitchy attitude going.

  11. tara says:

    i’m pretty sure this movie is going to result in some really good laughs.

  12. Josh L says:

    Aubrey Plaza can choke me all she likes.

  13. Freddy Loayza says:

    I………………am so happy. Edgar why are you such an awesome guy? Were you born that way?

  14. Alec says:


  15. joel vallie says:

    This is hot!

  16. Mike says:

    Fantastic stuff! So stoked for this.

  17. Lobsterdeth says:

    Why does Cera’s hair-do always look weird?

    Well, curly hair magic I suppose.

  18. dolfyn says:


    Feel the love.

  19. Paulo says:

    omg. this is amazing!

  20. Yannick says:

    Julie, why are you such a bitch? Stills’s just chillin!

  21. SarahAC says:

    Great shots! So much cool stuff has been going on here while I’ve been away.
    (But I was in Japan, which is cool enough for me to be forgiven, right?)

    I’ll be curious to see whether Ramona is wearing Mr Silly’s shoes or not.

    More tremendous use of sillhouetting in the middle pic there.


  22. Rob M says:

    Wow. Aubrey Plaza looks perfect. I didn’t think she’d look so close to the character based on watching Parks and Recreation.

  23. Radical AdZ says:

    Sweet! Unruly Julie has entered the game!!

    Had a feeling she’d look a bit more Charisma Carpenter-ish, but as long as she’s shouty and evil I think it’ll work.

    Still not sure whether the guy who plays Stills is grumpy enough, though. I wish him luck; it can’t be easy to act that miserable all the time, especially if you aren’t.

  24. Jeremy says:

    In order to truly be faithful to the book, I hope the entire movie is filmed in black & white, except for a scene at the beach for some reason.

  25. imsuchafangirl says:


  26. sarah xD says:

    i havent commented in a while but im calling social services if i see any more spose abuse it just sad to see mr.webber getting abused im crying for you XD

  27. Smalljump says: The source of amazing daily pics.

    Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World will be the coolest picture I’ll see next year!!!
    …Unless they release The Pink Panther 3 in 2010, of course.

  28. Miles says:

    Hehe, Mikey Cera’s face in that top frame is genius. I love that sequence in the book, and the way he says, ‘Am I dreaming?’ to elicit *that* look from Ramona.

    From this and your most recent vlog, it’s clear that you’re doing a great job capturing the spirit of the books, really great job. I love the crowd reactions to the fight.

    Bring it on ;-)


  29. Red says:

    It looks so much like the book. She looks just like Julie!

  30. Sarah5636 says:

    That first photo is totally class, its given my butterflies in my stomach again.
    Hope filming is going well this week, oh & ive just got back from watching Drag Me To Hell which was very cool :D

  31. Todd says:

    Nice pictures Edgar, everyone looks just great.

    These make me feel a lot better after being down all day over Archie Andrews proposing to Veronica Lodge. I mean, I know she’s rich and hot - but Betty’s the one who would have loved him when he’s old and grey = /

    For the record - I am banking on Reggie Mantle to actually team up with Jughead to hatch some clandestine scheme to sabotage the wedding. Actually, Ronnie’s dad will probably be in on it too. Egads !

    *ahem* Anyway, yeah. Scott Pilgrim. Looks like a boatload of awesome Edgar, keep up the good work !

  32. Robert says:

    Mr. wright is indeed a good director.

    if you didnt know before this seals it.

    so if you say all 6 books…does that mean you have vol. 6 already? or at least a script? or are you some sort of new age marty mcfly?

  33. Sam says:

    Excellent dork-arrangement recreation.

  34. Pip says:

    My copy of Volume 1 is on loan so I can’t check but are those cropped and enlarged to 16:9 versions of the original art work or redrawn…? either way if the entire thing is done like this I sense an extremely awesome potential book of storyboards

  35. Joe says:

    That first picture got me really excited…it’s great that you’re using panels as reference like that. Stills and Julie Powers are looking good too…I’m really feeling the vibe of this movie now.

  36. Robert says:

    just hit me is julie the same girl who plays April Ludgate on parks and recreation? if so thats awesome.

  37. KINGJONG says:

    Love Aubrey Plaza. Absolutely love her.

    Spot on casting Edgar.


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