June 17th, 2009


June 17th, 2009 (3)

June 17th, 2009 (2)

June 17th, 2009 (1)

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32 Responses to “June 17th, 2009”
  1. Breanne says:

    What a magnificent hallway!

  2. mariana says:

    This photography is fantastic!

  3. That first shot is so Kubrick like!

  4. Neil says:


  5. Fred says:

    Ahh, letter to Gideon… hitting a plot point not exactly resolved, I see…

  6. Alec says:

    these sets look so cool

  7. wendy says:

    Ps …the bathroom set is missing Pantene Pro V? …get on that stat! :P

  8. wendy says:

    Woah…look at the first pic and scroll up and down with your mouse …trippy.

  9. Sarah5636 says:

    The floor in the first photo just makes me think of Terminator 2, & after spotting that poor little squashed duck i dread to think what Bill is taking a photo of in the bath ;)

  10. pieface says:

    poor duck!

    ‘One animal was harmed in the making of this film’

  11. SarahAC says:

    Brilliant. Weird perspective effects in first shot FTW!

  12. Mishka says:

    That first shot? Brilliant. That last shot? Looks painful. Poor Mr Duckyduck…

  13. Cordelia says:

    Whenever I see Gideon, I can’t help but hear Howard Moon yelling “GIDEON! GIDEON!!!!”
    “And that’s why you don’t yell!”
    So many quotes, so little time! - Not that the Arrested Development one was relevant but.. you know, who ever really needs an excuse to quote amazing quotes?
    It’s not murder, it’s ketchup!

  14. Reid says:

    I has wants teh duck ;D

  15. Mike says:

    Cool, it is Ramona’s place!

    The duck does look rather sad about his lot in life.

  16. joel vallie says:

    That first pic is tripping me out.

  17. kims says:

    Perfick. Simply perfick.

  18. Amber BG says:

    Such Great Pics!!

    I really look forward seeing this movie

    *I spy V05 shampoo…

  19. adr says:

    Spot on attention to detail. Even the handwritten ‘GIDEON.’ on the envelope matches the comic.

    But the clock is different. ;)

    And yes, I was bored enough to check.

  20. Tyler says:

    That letter is too epic for words.

    Oh, Ramona’s sweet nightstand

  21. Scott says:

    Jeez where did you get one of those clocks

  22. Slick says:

    Such detail, I’m really in awe. I hope you’re enjoying this shoot, Edgar. Although you’re probably busting your ass so much it’s a blur.

  23. Zed says:

    The squished duck in the last one made me sad lol

  24. TFCG says:

    Cool pictures,
    Can’t wait for the movie!

  25. Michelle in Arkansas says:

    Love it!

  26. Jessica says:

    LOL! Omg! I totally remember when you were in pre-production & you posted like a cut out of Scott in the school hallways…hehee. That was cool & now it’s all coming together once again!

    & Ramona’s stuff! Whoo!! ^.^ I’m soooo excited for this movie to come out!

    Thanks once again for always posting the daily pics.

    P.S., will there be a new video blog posted in the upcoming days?

    • Peter Urkowitz says:

      I think that’s still the cardboard cut-out, they’ve just shrunk Cera down with a Martian Shrinking Ray and they are filming him there. Much cheaper and easier than building full size, right? :)

    • Nadine says:

      Shivers. It’s so nice to do a drawing, or make a little cardboard structure, and people just MAKE IT IN REAL LIFE. And ‘plop’ - you drop in a real boy where the little cut out was. And he stands, wondering what dance moves he is going to do next.

      Maybe if I gave the crew a cardboard version of my dream house….? With a cut out of Hugh Laurie…?


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