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  • Jonathan G.
    I have no idea who is gonna cover Clash at Demonhead but I think the local toronto band "Ayria" would be more than fitting.
  • Peter Urkowitz
    Ayria would be a good choice! But I've heard that The Clash at Demonhead is more based on the band Metric. Or at least Envy Adams is kinda based on Metric's lead singer Emily Haines.
  • Well that was amazing. The props look great and so does every thing else. I'll just wait patiently for the movie to come out.
  • Jenny
    Wow, the casting still looks great! The only thing throwing me a little is Todd's hair. As it is, he somehow reminds me of Captain Hammer.
  • Sarah5636
    The Sex Bob-omb cd & all that Clash At Demonhead merchandise looks really great.

    So glad to hear your close to finishing the filming Ed, & thanks for taking the time out to talk a little on these vblogs.
  • Annabelle
    The green spinning light at the end has got to be the good ole vegan police. Todd doesn't deserve his vegan powers, eating gelato and all!
  • Dan
    Really enjoyed Michael Cera's "That is it!" table slap - played out just as I imagined it from the comics. I'm thrilled this adaptation seems like it's going to be very faithful when it can.
  • wendy
    Last third..YAY..congrats..almost done!
  • Tyler Ragan
    OMsweeeeeeetG - I heard the rumour a while back... and I recognize the guitar riff. You're using Metric's "Black Sheep" for The Clash At Demonhead.

    Your awesomeness knows no boundaries...
  • I thoroughly enjoyed that video.

    That being said, the best part was when Edgar shouted "BOOM!" and there was a flash of green light. I had a geek spaz moment.
  • dolfyn
    And WHAT a 5 minutes it is each week! Thanks heaps, Edgar. ;)

    Also, I just got my hands on The Monkees' film "Head". I'm going to watch it tonight. Yay! :D

    Feel the love.
  • stargazer
    Great video!
  • Merus
    Fun fact: the main villain of The Clash At Demonhead is Tom Guycott - the drummer for the band takes her last name from the game. Todd Ingram takes his last name, supposedly, from the guy the Plumtree song "Scott Pilgrim" was actually about.
  • Michelle in Arkansas
    Once again, thanks a bunch Edgar. :)
  • Berto
    OK people we need to band together so that someone will allow all this merch to actually get to us. Siguenme Los Buenos!
  • Dingbat
    That's IT! That is IT, you cocky cock!
  • pieface
    good job his first game wasn't Jet Set Willie, wouldn't be quite so rock n roll

    looks great. brie larson much sweeter and less intimidating than the poster her.

    last third..oh, good but sad. done in august then i guess
  • Cordelia
    WOW! Amazing day!!
    First Harry Potter was absolutely fantastic (and genuinely laugh-with-them-not-at-them funny - you've got competition, Edgar!) and now a Scott Pilgrim video blog!
    So happy right now XD
  • Cap'n Awesome
    "That is it, you cocky cock!"
  • sarah xD
    dude that shit has to be in stores i would kill for a clash at the demon head t shirt really kill
  • Red
    I feel so spoiled with all the great pictures and two video blogs in one week!

    This one was awesome, thanks for taking the time. And don't listen to anyone about a teaser trailer, they're just never satisfied!!
  • Jessica
    I am satisfied with what Edgar posts everyday & I appreciate what he does. I'm just saying it'd be cool to have a teaser trailer as well. No need to get cranky.
  • Red
    So sorry! Didn't mean to offend.
  • Jessica
    Didn't really offend me. No worries
  • Vgerland
    Yes that left me wanting more. Give us a little of the band. Also wanted to see Brandon in the blond hair. Real or wig. We all want to know.
  • Amber
    Looks freaking Awesome Edgar!!! Oh how i wish I was an extra !!
  • Reid
    I don't think there will be any sort of teaser or trailer until December at the earliest
  • Jessica
    If that actually happened in December, it would be either an early birthday present or a late one. Either way, that would be great.
  • I absolutely love the amount of detail in the merch. And these vlogs are making me want to draw fan art again, which is a strange feeling for me.

    Keep it up!
  • Did'nt you know?

    ...Todd is vegan.
  • Jessica
    Ooooo. 2 vlogs within a week? Pretty damn cooooool!!

    I agree with Jesse. A teaser would be so incredibly awesome considering you guys are almost done filming hehe. & I agree with Only Man..2:55 was too short. :P
  • The Only Man Who Can
    2:55? It's not enough I tells yah! (Still brilliant, though!)
  • Did you feel like a rock star on stage Edgar?

    BTW, I heard something about a fan keeping a blog about your fluctuating weight, you found it on a Google alert (NEVER Google alert yourself silly!), blah, blah, blah...

    Anyway, I hate myself for wanting to read it! But I can't find it to read, so it really doesn't matter.

    Back to the set!
  • jesse
    I feel a teaser trailer would be a nice treat sometime soon....
  • Nate
    Comic con is next week and I just have this feeling they are going to show something...if not then sadness :(
  • Jay Sharp
    Well, now I want some Clash at Demonhead merch.
  • I really hope when the movie comes out that they will at least sell the Clash at Demonhead t-shirts!
  • I'd so buy that.
  • Ditto!
  • chris
  • Samboni
  • Peter Urkowitz
    Oh snap, i see what you did there, Marcus!



    MEW=Mary Elizabeth Winstead?

    or both? :)
  • MarcusPowermouse
    and then MEW blews them all away!
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