August 28th, 2009 21:40 (EDT) Wrap!

August 28th, 2009 21:40 (EDT) Final Slate.

August 28th, 2009

August 28th, 2009

August 28th, 2009

August 28th, 2009

August 28th, 2009

August 28th, 2009

August 28th, 2009

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  • Dingbat
    Aaargh I will miss these updates!
    Thanks, everyone, for your hard work!
    I will see the movie ten times the first day!
  • Nick W
    CONGRATS on wrapping!
  • Soup

    Ok, actually, it looks like you all deserve your break (Sorry you don't get a break Edgar, you've got some post to do I think!) Bravo to everyone! I can't wait to see the first trailer!
  • wendy
    Done?! Awesome, Congrats! I almost felt like a part of this movie...but I didn't do anything lol. Yay!
  • CONGRATS!!!!!! That is so wonderful Edgar. I hope you don't get too bad a case of the post-filming blues. Hope you don't get 'em at all, actually. Of course, you've still loads of work to do on the flick, but I hope you enjoy it.
  • Heidr
  • SarahAC
    Eeyyyyy! Congrats to all. Well done!
    I'm sooo looking forward to seeing the film now (in good time of course)
  • La Daniela
    Congratulations! These updates have been a high point of each day--can't wait for this film to drop!!!
  • Peter Urkowitz
    Congratulations! How incredible it's been to be allowed to see these fun snapshots of your hard work! Thanks so much!

    I hope you'll keep us updated during post-production, too?

    Best wishes, or should I say, break a leg!
  • JC
    Amazing!! Congrats, Edgar - now on to the post-production, after a good stiff drink I'd imagine;)
  • pieface
    many many congratulations to everyone!! slate 2400! so that's around an hour ago?

    go have yourselves a massively well deserved wild party, or an early night with hot choc and blankets.

    love the pink hair picture, and well, all of them. cheers x
  • Amber G
    ***Claps*** AA!! Your Done!!


    Congrats Edgar! Cast and Crew!
    I salute you..
  • Simon
    Congratulations to everyone involved!!!!
    Between this and the mysterious Paul, next summer should be a blast!!!
  • Jessica
    Congratulations to you, Edgar as well as your amazing cast & crew and anyone else involved in the making of this film! You guys must all feel both happy to have done such a job well done for all these months and sad you'll be leaving each other. You were all together for such a long amount of time, it must've felt like one huge family.

    On that note, you guys should all get together & have one gigantic wrap party to celebrate a job well done.

    Knives looks badass in the first pic of her. Mary looks cute as always though I'm sure all the boys here will say she looks hot as hell lol.

    Can't wait for the trailer!! :D:D
  • Congrats, everyone! Take a well deserved break.
  • Congratulations! And I guess this is as good a time as any to thank you once again for the on-set photos. I'm super-excited. Really, really.

  • Red
    Congratulations! Did you compare the crew shot to the shot from the first day?

    They look like they're still smiling, so that says a lot!
  • dolfyn
    Thanks for all your blogs, Edgar. It's been so much fun sharing a little bit of this long journey with you. I can't wait to sit in a cinema & see the finished product of all the hard work that you & the cast & crew have put into this film. It looks like it's going to be amazing. :)
    And thanks for being instrumental in my introduction to the "Scott Pilgrim" universe. I've loved reading the books & I'm excited about seeing the story on the big screen. :D

    Now get some well earned sleep! ;)

    Feel the love.
  • *Massive, Massive Applause* YEEEEEEAAH!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Edgar and Crew!!!! Now... ONTO POST-PRODUCTION! Go, Chris, Go!
  • lina
    CONGRATULATIONS CAST AND CREW!!!!!! Please know how fucking I am excited for this movie and how much of a joy it's been to see all your work behind the scenes.

    This thanks may be pre-emptive, as I actually haven't seen the movie yet, :|

  • Colin
    Sincerely... congratulations one and all on a job well done.

    We all anxiously await the fruits of your labours and will most assuredly go see this picture when it is released.

    Now go take a very well-deserved rest.
  • WOOOO! Congratulations to everyone! I can't stress how cool of you it was to give us all a glimpse into the film. Everyday, too! They were the highlights of my day, and then it was the greatest day ever when you posted a picture AND a video blog. Pretty much you're awesome and everyone looks like they had a blast working on this film. I'm going to see it ten times when it comes out, but that's in due time. Hope everyone gets back on a normal sleeping pattern.

    On another note... is that strawberry pocky? Guuuuuuh. *drools*
  • Sean

    It'll suck not to have these updates all the time, but now I can't wait for the trailer!

    (How long will it take to get one of those, anyway? Is tomorrow too soon?)
  • Arkham
    Wait wait please ask Mr Routh what's going to happen on Chuck next season, thanks in advance

    Also, congratulations
  • FairyGodmoose
    Congratulations x1000, guys! I know you've all been working crazy hard, and I'm sure it's all going to pay off big time. I can't wait to see the fruits of your labor!
  • Fred
    Hells-to-the-yeah, Eddie.

    Congrats and all that schtick. Pat on the back to ya.
  • thedarknight
    congrats to evreyone!!
  • kimba2488
    Wow. Congratulations, you guys! It's hard to believe that it's been, what, about six months, since principal photography started. You all deserve a good rest. And Edgar, you deserve to get back to your pictures of cups of coffee.
  • Todd
    Congratulations to you, your cast and crew. What a marathon Edgar! Thanks for letting us watch from the sidelines; these photos and blogs were a lot of fun to check out each day. I hope you and everyone involved gets to enjoy a nice break. WELL DONE !
  • Alison
    Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing all the pics. Best of luck in the editing room, and I can't wait to see it!!
  • Congratulations!!!
    Can't wait to see the result of all the effort you guys have put in!
    Thank you so much for the glimpses you've given us into the production! =)
  • Sarah5636
    YAY. Love the crew photo, congrats to everyone :D
    I'm really happy you've finished Ed now go an get loads of sleep & find your sanity again ;)
    Thanks for all the updates while you've been filming, i really haven't been able to figure out how you've had the time. I didn't think you would bother with Twitter aswell, that's alot of updates.
  • Rintaro Watanabe
  • Lobsterdeth
    EDGAR, IT'S YOUR MOVIE! We have to go back. Back to the editing room!
  • Wow this is exciting congratulations to you and the crew.
  • Is post going to be in Canada as well?
  • Hey! You finished filming the day before my birthday!

    You should therefore let me peruse the footage as a birthday gift.
  • MonkeyScroll
    Finally! Congrats Edgar, I hope you still have some videoblogs to show up
  • congrats indeed!
  • Nadine
    Hard bit over, fun part to come? Congratulations, Team SP. Now begins the magic, when the ingredients from the last 6 months are combined by Master Chef Wright and his kitchen staff, with some post-production garnish, to form an amazing new entity that we will sort of recognize, but can hardly believe.
  • Mike
    Hey congrats Edgar! Thank you so much for all the on set blogs and photos.
    Will we continue to see more from post, or is this it until trailers and TV spots?
  • Sarah
    Wonderful, congrats! :D
  • adr

    This makes me so excited... ...and yet, so sad.
  • T.F
    good luck in Post-production.
  • Congratulations Edgar, but i bet there's still a lot of hard work to go yet.
  • CONGRATZ! This is so awesome. Hopeing for a wrap video and a teaser trailer soon.. Maybe...?

    This is so cool. This movie will take comic book movies to a new level of awesome! It started with Watchmen and end with this! Woo!
  • biLL
    now comes the hard part... must have patience
  • Roodie
    I am sitting here enjoying these awesome photos in my awesome just-arrived Scott Pilgrim Tshirt, generally enjoying this awesome day.
  • Argham
    Woohoo. Thanks for photos and videos Edgar and crew, they've been awesome. I'm sure film will also be rocking.
  • Annabelle
    Eeeee so many photos! :D Thanks Edgar, for being so awesome.
  • meib
    I've been following these since the beginning, and this almost brings a tear to my eye.
  • Jay
    Congratulations to all involved, and best of luck with post-production.
  • no shit? already?!
  • congrats! finally done! had a great time working background !
  • Stargazer
    Congratulations!! Please make this movie totally awesome, Can't wait to see it at the theater!! :)
  • geha714

    Now, a teaser by Christmas would be the best gift to Scott Pilgrim fans everywhere...

    Hey, if "Inception" has already a teaser, why not?
  • Congrats!

    This means the movie will be out next weekend then, yeah? Right?


    Why is everyone laughing?
  • Congratulations!!!

    Edgar, you and your amazing team are now a step closer to bring to life an awesome movie from a graphic novel that was already awesome.

    Thanks to Bryan Lee O'Malley for creating such great characters and stories.

    Thank you Edgar, for all the great daily pics, hope to see more of this when in post production.

    Congrats to all!!!
  • Teeta
    Yay! Im ready for an awesome cinimatic adventure! ^^
  • Chris Angle
    *sniff* OMG I'm gonna miss the SP photo's. It's really become a daily routine.....Good luck with Post Production and most importantly....

  • Sarah5636
    Cool photos, im gonna miss these set photos, they've been a good laugh, thanks for sharing them with us Ed :)
    I went to Fright Fest the other day, got to meet John Landis, & finally saw AWIL on the big screen for the first time which was ace, i also saw Beware The Moon which i really enjoyed, The Horde which was alright & Best Worst Movie which was really funny, i was shocked there was so few people in the small screen they showed it on, i thought i would have had trouble getting a ticket for it. I can't wait to buy it on DVD & watch it again :D
  • Dylan 37
    Its so sad that its over, but I hope you keep us posted by posting on post. Have fun editing Edgah.
  • Syral
    now time to make the trailer ^o^
  • Tyler
    I don't want to be like everyone else and just say congratulations so I'll say

    Don't all of you try to fit through the subspace door at once, now
  • Juan Zombie
    It's been fun to watch. Thanks Man!
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