Peter Serafinowicz. Amazing…

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  • thanks for sharing this, he's awesome. haha
  • Simon
    In related news, somebody did this, it's pretty splendid:
  • Nadine
    I bet he can do Pegg as well.
  • SarahAC
    I'd like to see that.
    And I wonder if he can top Bill Hader's impersonation of Mr Wright?
  • victor
    apologies, but i couldnt even get passed the first one, actually the first word.... seriously... no more brando impersonations please!! esp godfather n kowalski.
  • Oh, you should really give it a go! It's not your bog standard impersonations/movie quotes. It is, but it's got that wonderful, hilarious and irreverent Serafinowicz twist on it! Very funny stuff.
  • pieface
    and it's 'past'

  • Then i believe you may have missed the whole point of the joke. No points.
  • puppetofmasters
    DeNiro impressions are always funny.
    especially this one. :)
  • FairyGodmoose
    Wow. He really needs to do more of these.
  • "'s a fucking shithole." X-D
  • Thats the one that made me laugh the hardest.
  • Tiphaine
    This guy is a legend!
  • I've been spreading this video around too. So fucking classic.
  • Dylan 37
    Peter is the man of many faces. The launchaney of the 21st century.
  • pieface
    Yep. genius stuff! and also I think since the beardy night out blog I may have a *teeny* crush on The Seff!

    Uk fans - he's on buzzcocks tonight. who knew Darth Maul loved cheese.
  • AMBERgrindstaff
    Damn Pete.. So Awesome!!
  • Jan aka Choccster
    Terrific stuff!
  • SarahAC
    Pete is the master!
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