A Month of Matinees with director Edgar Wright | Sunday 20th Dec. at 15:30 on BBC 6 Music

November 22nd, 2009 (II)

Hey, don’t forget, my 2 hour 6music festive show is on this Sunday, Dec 20th at 3.30pm!

(That’s 15.30 on the Mike Watt clock).

6music let me take over the airwaves, so expect some glam, some Scott Pilgrim tracks, soundtrack cuts, disco, comedy gems and a whole bunch of my favourite music from the sixties to the nearly not with us anymore noughties.

Lots and lots of cool tracks, 30 to be precise.

You will enjoy. Do tune in or listen to it live on iPlayer (here) or after it’s aired on iPlayer (here).


A Month of Matinees continues with the British film director Edgar Wright. Making his name as the director of the cult British comedy TV show Spaced Edgar has gone on to direct the two biggest British comedy films in recent years - Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Today he plays tunes from his record collection and explains how certain music comes to be used in certain parts of films. There’s also an insight into his favourite work in other soundtracks. For further info click here.

  • tippiviolet

    Oh Edgar, you look totally handsome here. You really, really do.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah but bootlegs are much cooler. :)

  • dylan37

    Yeah but bootlegs are much cooler. :)

  • SarahAC

    Looking forward to listening to this on Monday (Aus time)

  • SarahAC

    Yeah I'm in Australia and I was able to listen to the Simon Pegg one a couple of weeks ago by using the “Listen Again” function on the BBC6 website. I'm sure it would work in the US too.

  • Sarah5636

    I'll be listening & looking out for a download so i can keep it on my ipod.

  • Red

    I'll definitely listen to it online. Can't wait to hear your choices!

  • AmberGrindstaff

    I will check it out E

  • http://joelvalliefilms.com/ Joel Vallie

    Ohh this is going to be awesome. Now I can get familiar with all those bands you always write about and I have no idea who they are.

  • Profpieface

    Can I be Han?

    Had forgotten - can't wait!

  • http://londonfilmgeek.com londonfilmgeek

    dylan37 I think the iPlayer's radio stations work worldwide - not just the UK.

  • dylan37

    Can someone in the UK get me a bootleg copy of this show. please.

  • http://insufficientspace.wordpress.com/ Jules

    Looking forward to it! Even though it will be 2:30 in the morning, so I might cop out and listen to it later.

  • cordeliaistheone

    Yay! I'll be listening