December 14th, 2009

December 14th, 2009

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  • Jessica
    Oh, Edgar...this picture made me incredibly excited. I want that on my own wall.

    PS., I think the fans Christmas present should be a teaser trailer. ;)
  • DocQui
    Want trailer. Want teaser footage. You don't wanna know what I will do for it.
  • Dear Edgar Wright,

    I want this movie now.

    The World
  • WePuTtHeMdOwN
    Very nice. Trailer for Christmas?
  • Nice! That would look great on my home office wall.
  • martin
    sooo ... a picture. In a frame.
  • martin
    On a wall - of your cutting room? Or an office wall of a studio?
  • Hoo-ha! Am a-quiver with the very thought of being excited. Yessir...
  • MonsterKilledThePilot
    Looks cool! Are they looking at something in particular or are they just posing?
  • Ahhh yes the new Scott Pilgrim film. Only briefly looked at the first volume of it, but I must say I am intruiged by the film. Enough perhaps to actually read the source materials fully if I get time to.
  • kyletaylor
    go read them you wont regret it
  • AmberGrindstaff

    Would Love to have that :)
  • cordeliaistheone
    Am I the only one thinking that from this angle it makes them look like they have the chubby legs of the cartoons?
    Love it!
  • djtreats
    best cussing day ever
  • dylan37
    Is that a Fantastic Mr.Fox refrance.
  • dylan37
    Better view at
  • bebergator
    edgar is there any chance Harry Chanukah is gonna send me a teaser trailer before the 8th night?
  • kyletaylor
    its must be super surreal to you to have finished the film.To have something in your mind fleshed out I mean for you as a director it must feel great . Has B.L.O.M. seen the film finished I know you showed it to Greg Mottola (director of Superbad and the recent Adventureland to those who don't know the name)and Jason Reitman(If you haven't seen thank you for smoking or Juno go pick a copy of both then slap yourself for missing out on two really good films)And they loved it. so if haven't shown it to him yet id like to see a reaction shot of him after you do. I really appreciate all the updates with your life and the film. its been so great as a fan of you and as fan too the Scott Pilgrim series too wake up every morning and say what new pic do we have today.
  • o_s_s
  • sweet. I'd buy that
  • When, when, when can we see it? I'm dying over here.
  • caspiancomic
    So I know it's an unusual time to ask, but if you stick to the original plan of only doing this for 2009 (don't do it! Keep going!), I guess I'm running out of time, so...

    Any chance we'll see a big red carpet debut here in Toronto? And, can I come?
  • SarahAC
    Aw they all look so great!

    I'm very excited to see this film, but I think you need to have a nice break over Christmas Edgar.
    All of us over-excitable peoples can just be patient for a little longer.
  • Why can't this come out sooner.
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