Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World | First Official Photos

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World [Still]

6 January 2023 - Photo by Photo Credit: Kerry Hayes - © 2010 Universal Studios. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World [Still]

6 January 2023 - Photo by Photo Credit: Kerry Hayes - © 2010 Universal Studios. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

This is not my photoblog. This is for real!

Above are the official first stills of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World from Universal.

And here’s how it was covered…

Among many others too. Thanks for all the positive feedback.

  • Interesting post. I have stumbled and twittered this for my friends. Hope others find it as interesting as I did.
  • Wh33l3r d00d
    i love you!
  • I love that I know absolutely nothing about this film's plot. I'd like to go in completely fresh, but I know I won't be able to resist watching the trailer when it comes out.
  • Eternal_Outsider
    Michael Cera with a Smashing Pumpkins shirt, a dream come true.

    Waiting for the trailer :D
  • victor
    i just creamd a lil
  • Sarah5636
    Its probably mostly to do with your photo blog but that 1st photo is pretty much how i had it pictured, looks good Ed. Hope the editing is going well :)
  • rahentho
    You've opened Pandora's Box here, Mr. Wright. Congratulations!
  • SarahAC
    New Blog!!
    Withdrawal symptoms...easing.
    Ahhhhhhhh, that's soothing.

    Meanwhile....BRILLIANT photos!
    That whole flaming sword, back-flipping guy, silhouetted Gideon & Ramona, giant space pyramid thing is BEYOND AWESOME!
  • Drew
    That's some sexy lense flair in pic 1. Both pics are sexy, but I dig the first one the most. Nice composition, as well, Mr. Wright. The lense flair + Mary Elizabeth Winstead silhouetted in the background = fantastic imagery from Team Wright & Pope
  • kyletaylor
    that the photo i saw like last week on some random blog its was amazing thx so much for posting it in high def it even better power of love looks great by the way
  • jakemcgarry
    Any idea when the first trailer is gunna be released? Watching the movie and ready the 6th book are now my life goals. When i've reached them, I will vanish into thin air like when vader killed obi-wan in episode 4.
  • akabob
    The photos look great. I'm really looking forward to this and I hope it's a big hit for all involved. Cheers!
  • bebergator
    wow these look amazing! i will be holding my breath until the trailer comes out.
  • Profpieface
    amazing pics!

    bet you've been dying for an excuse to do a new blog!
  • Todd
    Pictures look *great* Edgar, thanks so much for sharing.

    I just can't get over how wicked Michael looks in that kung fu brawl scene, I am looking forward to seeing him in action (wtg Mike, I'm proud of you dude!)

  • dylan37
    TRAILER! please. The teaser for Ingloreous Basterds got me through summer 09.
  • Jessie
    Oh Edgar! Ahhhhhhh.
  • RobM
    Hey Edgar, this is kind of random, but any idea where the production got the Scott Pilgrim jacket? The one from this photoblog:

    I'm in the market for a new winter coat and figured I'd take a shot, assuming it wasn't custom-made for the movie.
  • Red
    Fight scene looks awesome, can't wait!
  • cordeliaistheone
    I nearly had a heart attack as I was innocently trawling ONTD and found THESE BEAUTIES
    Holy heck they are amazingg
  • Nicoleslaw
    Haha. IMDb is convinced they're looking at Stephen Stills himself.
  • This picture almost brought a tear to my eye its so amazing!
  • Positive.
  • kikesosa
    Sir, you have successfully reminded me of why I'm dying to see this movie.

    Thank you for making my existence a wee bit harder.
  • tamara_g
    I'm so excited I could pee my pants!
  • Jessica
    I agree with all these 4 recent comments...or whatever number of comments they'll be when this gets posted. Either way, totally awesome, can't wait for a trailer--the internet will explode when it's finally released, and the first picture is soooooo my new desktop.
  • justinpeterson
    Is that the Power of Love? I sure hope so.
  • AmberGrindstaff
    My Reaction was...... Holy............!!

    It's Fucking Fantastic Indeed! Look foward to it all!!
  • AlexGunslinger
    Cmon, now that i have seen Avatar in Imax 3D each visit to the movies theater are not going to be the same, now you have to give us the movie in Imax 3D, how about: "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: An IMAX 3D Experience" looks cool right?
  • M.
    If rumors of IMAX 3D come up, I will have to take action against with all the powers available to me and my kind.

    I'm a strong supporter of Good Film in Big Screen Format, sans Hollywood Gimmicks like the 3D of late. Avatar was cool and all, but it lacked something in 3D. My mind couldn't connect with it correctly because my vision was purposely impaired when I watched it. It makes recall bizarre.

    For me, anyhow.

    If you do release a 3D version, Mr. Wright, I will happily ignore it and see the 2D version instead.
  • Darren Craske
    hey yah.
    It's Edgar frikkin Wright so it's going to rock, but just as the Peggster's films sans EW usually lack a certain spark of rebellious genius, I wonder if the same works in reverse. Scott Pilgrim ain't as well known in the UK as the US and I fear we might have another Speed Racer on our hands...still, if this works, Scott Pilgrim's notoriety will be worldwide.
    Edgar's got the brains but do he have the clout to make this movie 'his own' ? I'll be itching to see that teaser trailer, Mr W.
  • Are you talking to me?
  • Darren Craske
    My inherent mistrust of all things interweb made me write an ambiguous comment, thus ensuring that t'were this not the real Edgar, I wouldn't look like a massive ubertwat simpering all over my keyboard in some kind of 'Oh my god i can't believe it's you, you're my hero. We grew up in the same town and am sure I met your brother once' sort of way. But seeing as I got this link from your tweet, I guess I need more faith!!!!!!
  • MarcusPowermouse
    Trust us mate, it is THE Edgar Wright!
  • Jared B.
    Ouch! Speed Racer? Seriously? Thats kind of a low blow.
  • To calm you all: There is no poo throwing monkey in this film.
  • Jared B.
    No poo throwing monkey? Is that definite? Is there at least poo in it? I gotta have some reason to buy a ticket.
  • This is an outrage!
  • MarcusPowermouse
    Fucking awesome news titles
  • GGGreat!!!
  • Sharon Mc
    Lens flare! Woo hoo!

    Looks awesome, can't wait!
  • These are so unbelivably incredible Edgar.
    With this level of excitiment I reckon you should just release a few frames over a period of a couple of years and fans should be satisfied enough.

    Can't wait to see more and more.
    Best of luck with the edit.
  • Can't wait to see a trailer after the film comes out!
  • AlexGunslinger
    Same here!! cant wait to see the trailer, i think that the movies are sobreestimated!! give us the trailer and the people will be happy!!

    Seriously, the pictures look great.
  • Grilled Cheese
    I can't really describe how awesome this is.

    But then again, nobody can
  • Lee Cherolis
    WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Desktop background, here I come.
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