Scott Pilgrim Tattoo

This is some serious ink.

I’ve seen some incredible Shaun Of The Dead tattoos in my time and this is just as impressive.

Check out this amazing tattoo taken straight from Bryan Lee O’Malley’s artwork in Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life.

(via Robot6 - And the tattoo pics keep on coming | Chris Mautner)

Ty Tyner shares his Scott Pilgrim tat (done by Joe Kennett):

This tattoo is on my left leg in between my knee and sock line. Its from the fight between Scott Pilgrim & crew vs Matthew Patel (the final fight in book 1 of the Scott Pilgrim series). It wraps around 60% of my leg so it was hard to get just 1 shot of it looking right. Here is a panoramic styled mock up taken just soon after it was done (hence the redness).

My congrats go out to Mr. Kennet for his inkage.

And my sympathies go to Mr. Tyner for his sore leg.

I am guessing there must be some more SP tattoos out there. Love to see them.

  • Chris Hayward
  • Chris Hayward

    I’ve got my own SP Tattoo its half done - How do you upload pics onto here LOL!

  • Chris Hayward
  • Chris Hayward

    I've got my own SP Tattoo its half done - How do you upload pics onto here LOL!

  • Ty Tyner

    Oh sweet, thanks for the blog post Edgar. I love the way the movie looks (from seeing the 1st trailer). I'm from Austin, so if you end up doing any Alamo Drafthouse related events for SP please let me know.

  • Sam Curtis
  • Nathan L

    The more SP in my life the better. Much appreciated Mr. Wright, keep stuff from the movie comin'!!!

  • Joel Vallie

    Although I have a ton of tattoos on my body none of them are of Scott Pilgrim. The tattoo looks great.

  • Sarah5636

    Awesome Scott Pilgrim tattoos :) i've always been to chicken to get a tattoo. All these SP related blogs are making me even more excited for the film (if that's possible) I'm going to watch Ponyo today that least that will take my mind off SP for a few hours ;) I had a chance to listen to the new Lightspeed Champion album the other day it's really good you should check it out maybe something to listen to while your editing :)

  • SarahAC

    Scott Pilgrim tattoos for the win!!

  • MonsterKilledThePilot

    Those are cool!

  • Ryan Pangilinan

    Hey! The nom nom nom one is me. Does this mean I can get some sort of cake out of the internet? And I don't mean figurative cake; I literally want a chocolate ice cream cake.

  • Michelle Leigh
  • Red

    That's some serious commitment!

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Awesome Tattoo!! I'm a bit jealous :)