For Old Times Sake…

Here for old times sake is my very first collaboration with Mr. Michael Cera from way back in 2007 A.D.

  • Classic! I remember all the haters who thought this was real.
  • Jumn
    This is amazing. Hilarious. Thumbs up man!
  • Great work Edgar. You play 'Cunt Journo' really well.
  • AmberGrindstaff
    makes me laugh... everytime :D
  • Sarah5636
    Your brave to reblog this, remember all the You Tube comments from people who didn't get you were all joking, or knew who you were, that was pretty funny. Still a laugh to watch after all this time :)
  • SarahAC
    I miss Howard Rice. It would be good to see some more of his work.
    I like his glasses.
  • carrieanna
    I consider it proof of your comic gifts that you chose to portray the journalist with such a clinical slant. And I'm impressed that you never break character...not even as proof that it's a joke.

    p.s. I love watching the people get wound up on youtube and other sources when certain idiots don't realize it's a farce.
  • SarahA1
    Ha, ha - always liked that one, it was seeing this that first led me to your blog. Love Michael Cera's reaction to your question about A.D.
  • Jessie
    Oh so funny! Nicely done.
  • kendra85
    Awesome! I haven't seen this in a while. Thanks!
  • Profpieface
    hooray a nother blog!
    think I scared myself thinking I'd seen this in 2007, but prob saw it around the time of Spaced invasion (when you first blogged to it?)
    Anyways - very funny.
  • ObiRobKenobi
    LOL. This was hilarious! Way to go Edgar.
  • KyleTaylorVS
    I like how you fake that flinch....there needs to be a fouth season of A.D.
  • How is it that I never saw this?!
  • aaronmassie
    HAHA! thats hilarious......i like how you go back to one of the first questions at the end 'what does it mean to be superbad' haha
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