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Songs featured in trailer;

  • ‘Big Ideas’ – LCD Soundsystem
  • '2 Kindsa Love' - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
  • ‘It’s Getting Boring By The Sea’ – Blood Red Shoes
  • ‘Invaders Must Die’ – The Prodigy
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  • Loved Hot Fuzz and S of the D...can't wait for this one, looks good!
  • Setveevtes
    Brandon Routh makes me feel inadequate and also gay.
  • I'll give you my first child, sir, if this movie is as awesome as it seems.
  • This is the best thing ever. This is much better than the US trailer. This gives us more of a feal for the movie.
  • jonnybear
    I never thought it could look this awesome - you, sir, are a genius.
  • Jessie
    This trailer *is* EPIC! This looks amazing! Way to go Edgar!
  • MrHyde235
  • James
    Edgar Wright serves up another slice of fried gold!
  • I knew that this movie would be in good hands with you. Now I'm excited to see what you do with Ant-Man.
  • Emma
    That was awesome! Can't wait for the movie!
  • Fel
    I live in Mexico, but I'm flying to Canada when it premieres. I don't even know when it premieres here, but I cannot wait that long.
  • SarahAC
    "Tongue" XD
    Love hearing Jon Spencer in there. Really feels like an Edgar Wright film now :)

    Edgar, will you be making a cameo appearance in the film?
  • Edgar, now work with Mitch Hurwitz on the most awesomest Arrested Development movie ever!!
  • Edgar, hat hair choice for BR was perfect! Nice move.
  • I like that the Pee Bar is reflected in the mirror. nice detail.
  • Red
    It just keeps getting better and better! :)
  • Creative_artist_08
    its so amazing i would i see it everyday at the movie theater until it comes out in dvd or blu ray
  • AmberGrindstaff
    Ah! :D
  • neil
    If this trailer had a face, I would kiss its balls.
  • Matcorp
    Please, pleeeeeeaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeee would be so kind and upload HD version! I'm in love in that movie already :D
  • More and more this film cannot come soon enough. Coolest bit? The reflection on Gideon's glasses. Funniest bit? "She dusts."
  • kakita
    See, all fighting games that can't be serious should have effects like this. I'm looking at you, Dragonball Z....
  • do you freaking believe that here in brazil this movie opens only in OCTOBER?? how can i possibly not get INSANE in the wait to see this on the big screen??!!
  • Jumn
    Consider yourself lucky. Here in Germany, it starts on November 25th. I will lose my mind over the wait.
  • damn you opening schedule
  • Oozo
    In Switzerland, it's November, too. On two different dates (November 11th/November 25th), depending on whether you're living in the French or German speaking part. It doesn't make no sense. Just a lot of pain.
  • I loved it. I laughed out load several times. This is your greatest work my friend. I made a statement years ago to my friends saying that you would one day be one of the greatest directors of all time and now its all coming to pass.
  • If this trailer had a face I would kiss it.
  • can't wait!
  • I approve.
  • GoCats72
  • Awesome. I can't wait. More than "Toy Story 3" and I'm a huge Pixar fan, so it represents how much I care about Scott Pilgrim.
  • Woo more Scott Pilgrim footage :D Though I think the US trailer is superior, it flowed a lot better and didn't need need the VO to explain the story. Though we're talking about the lesser of two awesomes. Although this trailer definitely highlights the lulz more, loved the Brandon Routh clip at the end.
  • Haha Brandon Routh is hilarious.
  • Nice! Love the last bit. All DRAMATIC FOR EFFECT. Can't wait :)
  • I just cried a little, that trialer was so amazing. Seriously, tears. Right here. *points at his watery eyes*
  • I can't wait till this movie opens. It looks like a world of fun.
  • Wow!
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