The Wright Stuff II: The Wanderers/The Warriors Double Bill Jan. 28th & 29th

Edgar Wright will appear IN PERSON, schedule permitting, on Friday the 28th to introduce the films.

Star James Remar will appear IN PERSON, schedule permitting, to discuss the film on Friday the 28th!

Tickets Available here!

The Wanderers Fri / Sat: 7:30
The Warriors Fri / Sat: 9:50

Edgar says:
1979 was a clearly a banner year for gang culture, as these two movies are the best of the genre. I showed these movies as a double bill in Toronto and they complemented each other beautifully. One is hugely underrated, the other is a cult phenomenon, both are amazing movies.

Phil Kaufman’s The Wanderers is a bruising, funny knuckleduster of a movie, a rites of passage set among the warfare and initiations of 60’s New York’s neighbourhood gangs. There’s so much from this film that has stayed with me, Perry’s haymaker punches, the fog bound streets where the Ducky Boys lurk, Ken Wahl belting out Dion, the apocalyptic football game. I love this movie.

Edgar says:
Walter Hill’s The Warriors is rightly celebrated as a cult phenomenon beyond even its origins as a movie; dialogue, sounds and images have entered into the consciousness in music, fashion and videogames. At the heart is still a barnstorming late night rumble of a film, another classic all-in-one-night tale as our heroes perform a lethal A to B in the dark terrain of a New York long forgotten.