Shaun of the Lego / By Yatkuu

The original Winchester, the Duke Of Albany in New Cross, was demolished years ago.

But someone has recreated it, brick by brick…

The Winchester

If we hole up, I wanna be somewhere familiar, I wanna know where the
exits are, and I wanna be allowed to smoke!

If you want this to become a real Lego set, you can vote for it on CUUSOO!

Here is a reference pic.

If you are into Lego and Zombies there is a vignette contest currently hosted by Bricks of the Dead… this brick comic blog is a
great place to hang out and there are some nice custom figs to score
so check it out!

  • Paula Python

    I’ll buy someone.

  • Paula Python

    I’ll buy someone.,

  • Vanessa Tertrin

    9780 supporters for the project today ! Seems like you will not be the only one who’s been able to play with the Winchester.

  • Martin Chapple

    Brilliant concept!

  • Martin Chapple

    Brilliant concept!

  • Mama Young

    I love it!! I want it!! Whe I went to vote on it the site was not there. (Saw Simon Pegg on Conan).
    Love ya,
     Mama Young

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  • Rhiannon Reed

    It even has a little gun over the bar! Love it!

    And dogs *can* look up! ;)

  • Rhiannon Reed

    It even has a little gun over the bar! Love it!

    And dogs *can* look up! ;)

  • batgirl

    that would be awesome!!!!

  • gabriel gaylord gayerson

    Legos AND zombies.  You are my childhood and adulthood hero.

  • Alex

    Please make this happen!

  • zombiefan1964

    i’m sorry shaun. no i mean i’m sorry shaun! the funniest zombie movie of all time.the winchester should be immortalized in lego form.(with a little red on it!)

  • HarryRS

    Where do I vote?

  • marko spencero

    i was just on imdb and spotted this ,i like it a lot ( jim carey , dumb and dumber voice ) what an awesome idea , well done ed you’re a star ,man and always will be ,keep up the good work , i always laugh when you’re in a film !!

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  • Jumaward

    Talk about a slice of fried gold!

  • Bruce

    I hold no hope that a 15 rated film will get a lego set, and it certainly a very good creation. I’m looking forward to the LOTR sets this year.

  • Joel Vallie

    I seen this online the other bay. Brilliant! 

  • Ryan Polly

    *slow clap

  • Carrie Nance

    I’m a big fan of the LEGO videogames.  I wish there was a LEGO SOTD game. 

  • BricksOfTheDead

    Oh my god, I got linked to by Edgar Wright!

  • Yatkuu

    Thank you so much Edgar - with your support I’m confident this is going to be a win (no pun intended!)

    • Vanessa Tertrin

       And 2 months later : congratulations !!!

  • Qtwentyseven

    You can actually buy the Shaun figure.
    It is awesome that one minifig based on one awesome movie made this Yatkuu guy do such an awesome recreation.

  • Anonymous

    Love it! 

    I once made Shaun of Dead, Hot Fuzz and Spaced Lego. Nowhere near as elaborate as this lot though.

    We had Lego bride & groom on top of our wedding cake. And the Lego Groom then doubled as Lego Shaun later :)