The World’s End / Teaser Poster

Why yes, this is a teaser poster for ‘The World’s End’.

We have some drinking to do…

The World's End / Teaser Poster

[Click here for the large version]

  • Simon Watten

    one that is blatantly missing; The Winchester

  • philip

    of course you know that Letchworth was a dry town until the 1960′s and it does have a serious lack of pubs :)

  • Hedy Fletcher

    Please, please, pleasssssse…..can I be an extra in Letchworth Garden City….see me on Facebook - Hedy Fletcher….went to the casting and my son is desperate for me to be in it…he’s a real fan of yours :) )))

  • Hubert Motley, Jr

    So…the fonts used in this lovely poster….are you willing to drop some hints?

  • mark

    edgar wright IS a household name

  • TBS

    Edgar, we think we wrote the theme tune for Ant Man

  • Profpieface

    Literally cannot wait. I’ve been looking forward to this one the most.

  • SarahEA


  • Sam K-j

    Any info on how to apply to work on this film? I will do anything, ANYTHING.

  • Sam K-j

    Do you know were one could go to get work on this film? I’ll volunteer. I’ll do anything.

  • Adam

    Edgar, you should check out the reviews of your movies in this “family” movie review guide. They’re pretty darn funny.

  • Sarah5636

    I’m soooo excited please tell me there will be video blogs :)

  • CJC

    I can’t fathom why you’re not a household name.

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  • andbis

    Mr Wright, in case you check this comments, you might (or not) like to know about a pretty good and not so well known argentine novel, which also tells the story of a guy replicating an epic bar crawl:

    The story goes that a guy makes a large sum at the horses and pisses it off in a three day bender during the Buenos Aires carnival (at the turn of the 1920s). At the end of the third night he feels he has a great epiphany but later can’t remember it. He meets a girl and settles down, but the phantom memory of that night haunts him, he feels his destiny has eluded him. After a few years he makes yet again some money on the tracks, and decides to replicate the three day bender (again during the carnival), to jog his memory and meet his fate. And shit goes down.

    I don’t know if the english translation is any good but the book is, and I thought i’d nudge you with this information.

    Really looking forward the final chapter of the cornetto trilogy!

  • Jon 79

    I imagine the pubs names are also refererences to plot points in the film. There really aren’t enough movies with 2 headed dogs.

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  • John Pannozzi

    Hey, Edgar, since you’re directing the Ant-Man movie, could you please try to encourage Disney/Marvel to pay some royalties to Jack Kirby’s family?

  • Klepto

    If that is The Worlds End in Camden, I worked there 1993 - 1998….! Hope the place gets ripped apart in the movie…!

    Need any extras who know how to pull pints?

    Good luck!

  • Samantha Lockwood

    I am the Mermaid.

  • Z

    Yay! Now read the Sandman World’s End? (Even though you might not like it that much and then it would make an extremely peripheral human sad.)

  • Jimmie

    The Trio bringing it all to a close. After The Dark Knight Rises. This is the movie I cannot wait to see! How’s that for a slice of fried gold?

    • JustinBallew

      yeaaaaaa boyyyyyyyyy!

  • Mick Conway

    Can’t wait

  • Janice

    Title’s a bit longer than I thought, then.

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Love it Edgar Look forward to it

  • Mr XBob

    The Winchester.